ShuGar Baby Monthly Update: Week 34

34-WeeksMommy’s Corner is a weekly series exploring our journey in becoming parents, our love for our ShuGar baby, and general topics related to mommyhood.

Hi ShuGar Darlings! It’s that time for me to update you on my pregnancy. I am 34 weeks; actually, technically I have already begun week 35 by the time this post goes up. Seriously? Where has the time gone. Make it stop because we have so much more to do. I’ll share more below.

Here we go…

My Doctor’s visits…

have been great. Everything shows ShuGar Boy is healthy and developing right on track. Whew! So much can happen so I am relieved after every visit. I did have some minor drama when my doctor’s office called me and told me that my OB has decided to leave the office and will not be delivering my baby any more. Say what? I had a minor (maybe not so minor) freak out, but soon recovered when I realized that the head doctor would be my new OB and I kind of heart him. He’s super sweet and very knowledgeable. It’s kind of cute that he is also Persian and has a similar last name to Mr. ShuGar. In fact, Mr. ShuGar and I even contemplated switching at one point, but we felt loyal to my OB at the time. It goes to show you, sometimes, bad news can truly have silver linings.

For my next visit, my doctor wants me to discuss my birth plan. Yikes! I’ve purposely avoided any research on this because so far ignorance is bliss. I have some serious homework to do in the next few weeks.

ShuGar Boy looks…

about the size of a large cantaloupe, almost five pounds. He’s growing so very much! He might still double in size. I don’t know how my body has the room. ShuGar Boy’s skin  has gotten thicker and smoother. He’s about 18 inches long. His lungs and central nervous system are almost fully developed.

ShuGar Boy feels…

very bouncy because he is running out of room to play in my belly! He’s very active these days and people who sit next to me can see his little somersaults. I have a feeling my little darling is going to be a dancer like this mama and/or an athlete like his daddy.

My clothes…

are so fun to wear. I’ve been enjoying maternity fashion a lot. Gone are the days when I hide my lumps; I know flaunt them at any chance I get. In fact, I prefer maternity clothes which accentuates the bump! I have grown to love preggo fashion, so much so that I wrote about transitioning from maternity to non-maternity outfits. Why not? I enjoy wearing some loose fitting tops to add a twist to an ensemble.

ShuGar Baby has…

the fastest heart beat I have ever heard in my life! 140 beats per minute to be exact! In the pic above, I share that my mom, ShuGar Baby’s grandma (abuelita in Spanish), heard his heart beat recently since we invited her to our last OB appointment. I thought it would be special to have her listen to our little boy make noise. We all shared a special moment with our little man.

The ShuGars have…

just had the most amazing yellow submarine baby shower ever! We have our family and friends to thank for all their generosity and love. My sis and her best friend were the decor goddesses. It was a joyful day. Also, we’ve almost received everything from our registry! Yay! We stocked up on diapers and are now ready to begin assembling his furniture and decorating… favorite part! I have a vision of how I want his room, so I can’t wait to share with you the before and after pics.

ShuGar Baby likes…

when daddy and mama sing to him. I can feel his little heart near mine when we talk and sing to him. It’s incredible! He also likes when Mr. ShuGar rubs my belly with cocoa butter. It’s our special bonding time just the three of us.

I crave…

coffee. At this point, I’d take any form of it – instant, latte, espresso, cold. Whatever. Just give me a cup in the morning. I know that technically I am allowed one cup, but I don’t want to ingest anything that may make ShuGar Boy jittery, so I refrain. I also crave sopa de estrellitas so badly. I almost ate it last night, but I resisted because I didn’t want my sugar levels to spike up again.

Of course, I still crave the usual – ramen, gyoza, salmon rolls, and I’ve been really wanting cream puffs. Basically, I desire everything I can’t have. Oh, and a glass of wine sounds heavenly these days.

I can’t stand…

chicken that has those bits of cartilage. Oh, gross! I’ve tried to eat chicken for protein purposes, but it’s been pretty torturous. I don’t know if I can ever like chicken again. It’s so stinky. I can smell it from afar and it reeks. Salmon has also taken a hit and it just gets worse and worse. I know I crave salmon rolls, but I feel raw salmon has a different taste that the cooked salmon I’ve been eating for DHA purposes. Mr. ShuGar really wants me to have my dose of DHA and there is nothing better than salmon. Unfortunately, every bite makes me pretty nauseous. However, ShuGar Boy’s brain in developing a lot during this stage, so I eat it with pleasure….sort of. Oddly enough, I’ve become more of a veggie lover these days.

I feel…

super uber excited that soon I will meet this little boy in my belly. I wonder who he will look like. Will he love me as much as I already love him? I feel so nervous about being a mama. I can’t think of another job more important ever than this one. How will I handle the responsibility? Therefore, I basically feel like there are still a lot of uncertainties, but joyous ones. Additionally, I feel a little numb about the labor process. I’ve purposely avoided researching my birth plan or looking at any videos because I’ve mentally blocked out what will be coming in the next few weeks. I can’t wrap my head around it. You can say I am in denial.

I am amazed…

at how excited our family and friends are for us! It was extremely touching to see everyone at our baby shower. It was a moment in my life I will forever cherish; It was filled with genuine love. We are blessed beyond words to have all these people in our lives. I am still loving all the attention I am getting with the bump! I had a great convo with a lady in the elevator the other day. Oh, and when I go to Trader Joe’s, I don’t even have to ask for help. They walk me to my car, load it up with groceries, and then they check to see I have someone at home to help me. So sweet! I was at the gym the other day and I was trying to adjust my cycling seat. It took less than two seconds for a man to come by and adjust it for me. And, as I went to lift weights, these strong muscle men kept looking at me and one of them asked me when I was due. He congratulated me. I’m really digging this attention!

Thank you for reading my updates. I feel like you’ve been on this journey with me this whole time! I will continue this series post-baby with ShuGar Boy monthly updates and also other fun mommy discussions.

Did your baby move a lot in your belly? Did you find that s/he ended up being an active baby after s/he was born? Do you believe that a baby begins to develop his/her personality during pregnancy or post-birth?

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Photo credit: Peter Shushtari

  • I love reading these updates! Don’t worry TOO much about the birth plan, just know your options. Everything can change so fast! All of my worst fears started coming true during my son’s birth and all I could concentrate on was getting him out so I stopped being scared! You can do it!

    • I really needed to hear this, Kimberley. Truth be told. I’m scared of the unknown, but it’s reassuring to know your experience. I’m so happy you like to follow along my baby journey!

  • Hello! Ok, first you look adorable and the happiest momma to be! So exciting! I checked out your baby shower pics and they are darling. Very unique theme in my opinion! Then, to answer your question, I believe their personality is determined since before birth! Seriously, you’ll be amazed at how much they are born with without you teaching them anything 😉
    My second boy was born almost asleep! They had to wake him up! And he loves loves to sleep! Ha ha. Loved all your updates! Enjoy your pregnancy, is a magical time.

    • Thanks so very much, Ursula. It’s wonderful to have you follow along. Isn’t it crazy how their personalities develop in utero? Incredible! How adorable about your son’s sleeping. Amazing! Thanks regarding the baby shower. It was so lovely!

  • shy

    my girl, while inside me, seemed to start tap dancing in my belly right around when i was trying to go to sleep! she’s actually pretty good at sleeping through the night, though – but she sure likes to dance!

    it’s sweet that you invited your mom to hear shugar-baby’s heart beat. i wanted to do that with my parents but it was hard to schedule an appointment where they could join us. still, they were so amazed at the ultrasound photos. they said that when they were pregnant with me, they just never had that type of technology. it opened a whole new world for them!

    you may like chicken again. it’s amazing how soon after you deliver, things that use to bother you, do not both you anymore. and things you craved while pregnant, you lose interest. i had GD as well and i craved and craved french fries. soon after our daughter was born, that craving just vanished (i still liked french fries but the craving was totally no where near as strong). i also craved chocolate cake which also went away after she was born.

    go figure, right?

    enjoy your last several weeks of pregnancy!

    • Thanks for this great insight! We really wanted to include my mom in this amazing experience as much as possible. My mom was very touched and I know it’s hard to coordinate schedules, so we’re lucky it worked out. I love that your girl loved to dance and still does. Kind of incredible!

      I can’t believe how things will change regarding my taste post-baby. Especially since both of us had to monitor our sugar, I imagine me indulging in lots of food, but maybe not. I can’t wait to have sushi, but maybe I’ll like chicken and fish yet again. Thanks always for commenting. I love reading your contributions.

  • La Maman Heureuse

    Can’t believe you’re almost at the end of your journey, but what a great surprise that’s coming your way! You’ll finally meet your little boy!

    I shared my view before and I still believe that babies develop their character before they are born, it’s such an amazing experience!

    And don’t worry about your birth plan or being a mama! You’ll do just fine, when I left the hospital, I had a wonderful chat with an older midwife the night before. And she told me I would be ok and I would know what to do as long as I followed my heart and use your common sense. She was so right!

    Can’t wait to meet your sweet ShuGar boy!

    • Thanks, sweet friend! It’s so much to learn in a short period of time. It’s good to know it will all come to me. Can you believe I’m almost going to meet him? Where did the time go? I’m going to miss being pregnant, but I’m excited to finally meet this little person. I’m so amazed that their personalities develop in the womb. This whole birth process has blown my mind. Thank you for always supporting me. You’re lovely!

  • Julie

    Whenever I wanted a coffee while I was pregnant, I got decaf. Then I was able to still have the flavor without having the caffeine. My girls were pretty active in the womb. I remember times I would be lying in bed awake because they were moving around. There were times that I would jump whenever they kicked. I think that their personalities started in the womb and grows as they are getting older.

    • Thanks for the tip, Julie! Yeah, I’ve had those moments in bed exactly like you said. He definitely does a lot of cartwheels, so I’m expecting my little boy to be bouncing with energy. I just can’t wait!

  • I love that we’re at the same stage of pregnancy & dealing with similar decisions – I just put up a post on Birthing! I want to have all the knowledge I can do feel comfortable in any
    situation, so hearing people say “don’t worry about a plan because it
    will change” just doesn’t work with my personality! I know that everything will be okay in the end, but at the same time, a birth plan is important to me – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
    You’re really lucky to have not just one but two OBs that you connect with. I really don’t feel comfortable with my doctor and its been eating me up. I considered switching this week (at almost 35 weeks!) because at my last appointment she said I’ve gained too much weight at this stage (I’m up about 22lbs!). There have been other issues, but this was just hard to handle. I decided not to switch because I did a hospital tour last night and feel good about the hospital and its much closer to my apartment than any other option, but I still dread going to every doctor appointment!! I will definitely be doing things differently for my other pregnancies.
    Also, I take an algae based DHA supplement because I can’t even do fish oil! It probably doesn’t absorb as well as actual fish, but I take it everyday so I hope that helps balance it out. 😛

    Thanks for sharing all of this! You look so beautiful and I just can’t wait to see your little boy!!

    xo kristen genevieve

    • Isn’t that just awesome that we can follow along each other’s journey? I love it, too! Haha! Everyone has told me that your plan goes out the window and it really never happens like that. You are good that you already wrote yours out. I will have to read what you said. I, on the other hand, have simply avoided the entire matter due to complete denial of what that might feel like. You gotta do what brings you peace. I’ve been trying to be good about practicing my kegels and also the breathing. Somehow, in the end, we will have two beautiful boys after it’s all said and done.

      You have sooooo not gained too much weight. Not true! My OB said I am right on track and you are less than me. I’m so sorry to hear about your OB. What is wrong with doctor’s these days? The good ones are def harder to find. If it’s any reassurance, there is really no guarantee that you will have that doctor any way if s/he is not on call.

      I can’t wait to meet you little man, too. Who knows….maybe one day they can meet in person =) Excited for the both of us!

  • I’m so excited for you! It is almost time and I couldn’t be happier for you and everyone in your life! I remember the days my son did nothing but kick in my stomach, and now he is still as crazy as he was in my tummy! 🙂

    • Thanks, sweet Kristy! He’s almost here! How funny! I guess it will be true that he will be a kicker outside the belly. So much fun! Your family is so beautiful =)