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Today’s Love Topic:

How do you know when you are in love? What does it feel like to you?

So excited to begin the All You Need is Love Project with you! It’s been months in the making and today is the official kick off! I’ll have more info at the end of the post on how you can join in the love today or any time.

The picture above captures the moment every day I feel love. Any of you lovely people who live with your partners can hopefully relate. I feel love when I park my car in the driveway, walk to my door, insert the key into the key hole, turn the doorknob, and then it happens…

I walk through the threshold and hear Mr. ShuGar say, “Hi sweets.” That’s it. This is the moment I feel the most love every day. Every inch of my body becomes drenched in so much love because I am finally home with the love of my life. All the stress of the job and the commute somehow melt away and in that second when I hear Mr. ShuGar’s voice, life stands still.

My favorite part is when he comes to the door and reaches out to hug me. Oh, swoon! This just melts my heart because we always greet each other with a hug and kiss. It’s a ShuGar tradition we will pass on to ShuGar Boy, no doubt. The feeling inside is powerful; it sort of frees your mind and sends you into a state where you feel like you are floating. My heart even feels lighter when I hear or see Mr. ShuGar after a long day of being away. His touch is love, like John Lennon said in Real Love. His voice punctuates this feeling.

So how did I know this was love? To be honest, I had said, “I love you” twice before in previous relationships. Silly me. If I had only known what true love was. I’m sure there was some version of love in those relationships, but it’s not even close to the profound devotion I have for Mr. ShuGar. Our marriage is in a different galaxy all together. I knew I loved him when I realized I was not settling. I recognized this relationship as love when I understood I would do anything to make Mr. ShuGar smile. It was limitless.

A moment of clarity for me was when I realized I love the “me” that he brings out every time we are together. I recall not liking who I would become with other partners. It’s as if they would bring out the worst in me and I didn’t like that version of myself. It wasn’t the real “me,” but I didn’t know any better. Love shouldn’t be hard because life is challenging. Love is the easy part; it’s getting through life’s roller coaster which puts a strain on all of us.

I knew our love was everlasting when I began to be inspired by Mr. ShuGar’s presence in my life. Something important to note is that I was “whole” when I met Mr. ShuGar; he is not my other half. We are two wholes who make a stronger union together. I don’t depend on him for my happiness. No one should depend on anyone/anything for happiness, but ourselves.

Love feels like the universe just granted you permission to enter into a secret world just for two. This world may not always be perfect, but you have someone you trust and adore to walk with you, hand in hand. Nothing can obstruct this love because together you have super love strength.

Do you want to read what others have to say about this topic? Here are snippets from your take on what love feels like and how you knew it was the real thing.

  • Erin from Read at Home Mama says – “I’d always heard the phrase that “when you know, you know!” but it wasn’t until I met my husband that I actually discovered the truth of that phrase. Every time we made eye contact, I felt butterflies; my heart beat a little faster; and I found myself unable to think of any man except for him. I could say that the last time I fell in love was when I met my husband 12 1/2 years ago….but every time he tells me I’m beautiful, reminds me of what a good mommy I am, or even if he clears the dishwasher or picks up our son’s toys, I fall in love with him all over again. And that feeling feels like warmth starting in my belly and spreading its way up, down, and all around my body until I feel like I’ve been swimming in sunshine.”
  • Kristy from Twist & Sprinkle says – “Love feels like home to me. Being with my boyfriend I feel like I am at home…the place of comfort, joy, warmth, and happiness. There is no other place I would rather be. When he gave me the feeling my ‘home’ gives me that is when I knew he was the right one for me.”
  • Julie from Home is Where the Heart is says – “Before I met my husband, I always asked others how you knew when you were in love. People always told me that you just know. So guess what? When I met my husband, I just knew! I loved him and I knew I was meant to spend the rest of my life with him.”

Today’s Discussion Topic:

What words would you use to describe that feeling of being in love? How do (did) you know when it’s (was) the real deal?

Next Week’s All You Need is Love Project Suggested Topic:

How do you show you love someone? What are the simple things you do for your family/partner/friends to demonstrate your devotion? Feel free to share photos of what you do and link up next week!

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Photo credit: Carmen Garcia-Shushtari and All You Need is Love Project image Santo Chen 

  • kgstyle

    Complete caring and understanding…that’s how I would describe it.
    Like I care about everything in my husband’s life. His hurts. His happiness. I try to understand him wholeheartedly even when I really don’t but I try to put myself in his shoes.

    I knew I was in love when he told me his life stories and some of them were so horrible that I wished I was there in the past to protect him from his ills and sorrows. I knew then that I was in love. I wanted to show him a different life and I wanted to nurture his heart like no one else had in the past.

    • Yes! It’s the unselfish care like you said, sometimes above the needs of your own. That’s so touching about hearing your stories. I can completely relate to this empathy you felt, as I have felt similarly with Mr. ShuGar. I can hear how much you love him. He is so lucky to have your heart.

  • PrincessMouseyCards

    You have it! It’s true, you just know. I try to explain it so many times to my teenage son, but you just know and the way you describe it~ you have it. It is a comfort. A comfortable love. Happy Love and thank you for the Hop!

    • Yay! We speak the same language. It’s a feeling inside so hard to describe, so i tried my best. Glad you understood. Your son will find out soon enough and then he’ll say, “Mom, you were right.” Glad you joined in the love hop!

  • Kristen Genevieve

    This is so sweet! It’s so great that you appreciate what you have and recognize the love between you & your husband. In one of the baby brain development books I read (I think it was Brain Rules for Baby), the author said that his advice to new parents who want to know how to raise a smart kid is to love your spouse! Kids feel more comfortable & safe and thus are more able to develop emotionally & intellectually when their parents love each other. 🙂

    I just love saying & hearing “I love you” about 100x a day. My husband knows I have had a hard time with him working so late while I’m SO pregnant, and so he writes me love notes every morning. Seriously?! I never expected to marry someone who treats me so well. I wish my younger siblings could understand this kind of love, because experiencing this love not only makes me so happy in life, but it made me a less selfish person.

    Love your sweet, positive, happy posts! 🙂
    xo kristen genevieve

    • Love this advice! It’s nice to know that our baby doesn’t need the fanciest Baby Einstein, but just love. So perfect. I never get tired of saying or hearing “I love you.” They are my three favorite words. Your husband is so supportive and sweet. You are very lucky. Your siblings will one day learn what love is. When it’s true, love can transform the world.

  • Julie

    Thanks for featuring me! 🙂 I agree that a person doesn’t really understand what love is until they actually find it.

    • You are very welcome! So happy to have you join the love share. You understand love by living it. Then, it becomes addicting.

  • Well this is just delightful 🙂 I think you captured it perfectly…coming in as whole and loving the person you are with your partner. I’d add that I’ve always loved the way my husband allows me to love him. I can smother him with kisses, be corny, be weird, distant…my verbs change on the daily (I try to keep them pleasant!) but he gets me and doesn’t expect from me. It’s refreshing and so necessary. I feel ALL THE THINGS, ALL THE TIME so I need someone like that 🙂

    • Thanks, Tish! I tried really hard to describe the feeling. It’s challenging when it’s something that fills your heart and you just know what it is. Exactly! It’s allowing someone to be who you are and love them in your way. You both make a lovely couple because of how you support each other. I love hearing about it!

  • I don’t remember how I knew that he was “the one” It was maybe his funny spanish accent and the fact that he tried so hard to learn it to communicate with me. We developed an interesting and fun language created with a little bit of Spanglish and signs. I knew that I wanted to be with this person who I can be silly with and “talk” for hours without understanding anything, just sitting next to him because I enjoy his presence so much.

    I loved reading your stories about love, amiga, they are always so inspirational.

    I wrote about a different topic, can I do that? I need to add the banner and the links but I didn’t know how I should do it. Next week I will do it right 😉

    • Oh, I love this so much! How sweet you both are. That secret language you both created is so cute. Kind of reminds me of Mr. ShuGar and I when I try to teach him Spanish. It’s adorable! He’s learning with some language cds. I’m so honored that you like reading my love stories. Yes, you can definitely write about anything love related. So happy you did! Not to worry. There’s always next time! You just put your blog where ti says to get the code and you can put it on yours. To add yourself, just click “click to enter.” So happy to have you join the love movement. Gracias, amiga!

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