Necklaces with a Simple Statement


|1| Kate Spade Ribbon Necklace |2| Kate Spade Mrs. Necklace |3| Topshop Heart Ring Necklace |4| Anthropologie Starbust Necklace |5| Forever 21 Love Keys Necklace |6| Forever 21 Heart Charms Necklace |7| Forever 21 Lips Necklace

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Good morning, sweet friends! How was your weekend? We had quite a memorable one as we celebrated the soon-to-be arrival of our ShuGar Baby by having our Yellow Submarine baby shower. Hosted by my uber-talentd sis, we had mop top balloons, submarine twinkies, fresh tacos, and a delicious red velvet cake (I tried a bit!). We are so grateful to have so many loving family and friends who we can share this very special moment in our lives. Our baby is blessed to have all of your love! I will share pics in the next few weeks.

Most times, I like to make a statement with my accessories; other times, I think simplicity can be a stronger style choice. This is especially true of necklaces, which I generally prefer to be bold and unique. However, these sweet, simple necklaces above are so lovely in their designs. I think you can use any of these necklaces with a patterned top and/or bottoms. Number two is one of my faves because it says “Mrs.” So cute! The majority of these necklaces have something to do with love because, well, you know! You can let the rest of your outfit do the talking and any of these necklaces could be the cherry on top.

What type of accessories do you prefer wearing? Do you use more loud pieces or do you prefer simple?

Happy Monday!

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  • Julie

    I like to wear bold accessories to make a statement. 🙂

    • I am definitely a “bold” gal, too, but I’ve been trying to mix things up. We have so much in common =)

      • Julie

        🙂 That’s so cool that we have so much in common. It’s very easy for me to connect to you. I love your style. 🙂

        • I feel the same about you, Julie! It’s fun connecting with you =)

  • your baby shower sounds most wonderful! i love simple accessories, but sometimes i like to wear multiple bangles that are colorful and wild. 🙂 i guess it all depends on my mood!

    • It sure was, Jane! The day was one huge gift to us. So blessed.

      Multiple bangles is lovely and does provide a nice statement. It does vary on how i’m feeling, but lately I’ve been loving the simpler items to change things up! I hope you are doing well.

  • I love #5 so much! I like simple jewelry.. All though now that I think about it my overall fashion is pretty simple. 🙂

    • Great choice! Simple jewelry can be gorgeous for sure and fashion can make a statement without being loud. You’ve got great style, sweet friend!

  • trishiekoh

    These necklaces are so pretty! Unfortunately I can’t wear necklaes anymore as the bub loves pulling them! Glad to hear the baby shower went well, I saw the photos on IG and looks SO GOOD

    • Haha! I can imagine I will have to do the same once ShuGar Baby is born. I’ll save them for later. Thanks for the kind words. The baby shower was a magical day and I feel so blessed. Thanks for visiting, Trish =)

  • I am a lot like you in the fact that I love the bold statement pieces but simple can make a great statement too. Love the simple selections you shared, sometimes the outfit makes enough of a statement & the jewelry just needs to be the period at the end of the sentence 🙂

    • Yay! You’ve got great style 😉 I agree with you that you bring out the “big guns” in accessories when you have a more simple outfit and the accessories can do the talking. It’s the simple necklaces that just add a little touch when the outfit is louder. Great minds think alike! Thanks for visiting!