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Thank you for your kind comments about my pregnancy woes. I appreciate all the tweets, instagrams, facebook, and personal emails I received.  So lucky to have you all in my life! Wow! It’s also a nice feeling knowing that I am not the only crazy one with these thoughts. Several of my sweet friends have reached out a helping hand and I am taking them up on their offer. Never underestimate the power of sisterhood.

Receiving your blog love couldn’t have happened at a better time, too. I needed this.

The timing is perfect because I just received my blog business cards in the mail and it brightened my day! Ever since I started this little blog, I dreamt of growing my blog by investing in it.  First came, my blog redesign by the amazing Blair from Leap Designs. Then came my facebooktwitter and logo makeover done by the sweet and uber-talented Erin from Art Social. Next on the list was ordering my business cards. Done! I am head over heels in love with them! What do you all think? Want a closer look?

Here’s the front side:


And the back side:

So happy to receive these now because this blog o’mine is one of my fave hobbies.  When I meet someone, I can now promote my blog with something tangible.

Imaginary conversation:

Me: Yes, I blog about Love at Would you like my card?

Interested Person: Yeah, I’d love one! 

At least that’s how I picture it happening in my head. You see I have loved writing since I was a tiny tot and I am finally doing it. I squeeze it in when I can because it fulfills me like nothing else. I am grateful to have the time to do this, but I am even more appreciative that you read my blog. You, each and every one of you, are amazeballs!!!! It’s because of you that I have loved this whole blogging experience. Your support about my pregnancy woes is just one example demonstrating I have the sweetest followers in blogland.

My next goal for ShuGar Love is to begin more collaborations with other bloggers through a Love Project I have been brainstorming for months. Connecting with other bloggers has been one of the biggest bonuses of having a blog. The inspiration of my blog is to spread love and I can’t wait to develop my blog further! I’m working on creating the marketing for it now, but I hope to unveil my Love Project by the beginning of next year, hopefully to coincide with my blogiversary.

I’d like to end this post with a HUGE thank you to all of you. Whether you are a regular commenter on the blog or through other social media avenues, I want you to know that I treasure all your contributions. Even if you just read my posts, I am grateful that you do! A heartfelt thanks goes to Mr. ShuGar because he serves as my editor, photographer, and my biggest fan. I adore you.

I would like to conclude by giving a special shout out to the consistent commenters on my blog. Your thoughts warm my heart each and every time. I suggest you check out these ladies because they rock my world! In no particular order:

What is one surprising thing you have discovered about blogging? Why do you enjoy reading blogs?

Sending everyone a loving, virtual hug!

Photo credit: Peter Shushtari

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  • You are so sweet, Carmen! Love your business cards, the ones with hearts are my favorites. I want to share mine too, I just ordered new ones and I love them!!

    • Thanks, Elba! I mean every word. I am kind of crazy about them and can’t wait to pass them out. They’re actually the same card (front & back). I can’t wait to see yours! I know they are going to be super beautiful and colorful.

  • the business cards are great! this blogging thing is really taking off for you! your hard work is awesome to see!

    • Love it! I’m crossing my fingers that it will be. Sometimes you have to take the plunge and invest to hope for bigger things. I appreciate your support, always!

  • Etta

    The cards are amazing! So proud of you Carmen, you definitely deserve it 😉 tell the little one hello 😀

    • Thanks, sweet friend! I really appreciate all your love & support. You are an angel. So lucky to have you as a friend. I am also proud of you and I admire you more than words can capture. Little ShuGar says Hi!

  • A Slightly Twisted Fairy Tale

    I love the idea of creating business cards for the blog! This is wonderful, very cute

    • Thanks, bunches! You should def do it! It inspires you to invest even more in what you love. I appreciate you visiting!

  • KPsays

    Oh Carmen, you are just a delight! Your positive, upbeat posts just make my day. And the fact that ‘lil lump ‘o shugar is coming into the world is so exciting! So looking forward to this next chapter of your life. And so proud you are going to teach him what “real” music is. Love you lady. And Mr. Shugar too 😉

    • Thanks, Karen! You are such a darling. I love reading your blog because I learn something new every time. You and Etta are my beauty gurus! I am so excited to welcome our little ShuGar! I still can’t believe I am going to be a mother. It feels like the best gift ever! And, yes, we are educating him on “real” music so he knows what is worth a listen. He is definitely a Beatles fan in training 😉

  • Kristen Genevieve

    Thanks again for the shout out!! I love reading your blog & can’t wait to see all the project ideas you have come to fruition. I love that we found each other & have a pregnant blog sister!! 🙂
    xo kristen genevieve

  • Those cards are crazy cute!

  • Julie

    I have always thought of making myself business cards for my blog. Do you recommend it?