Pink Lady


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Hello, sweet ShuGar Loves! How was your weekend? I hope you were able to enjoy the first few days of Spring. I’ve heard some parts of the States got another snow. So sorry. Here in L.A., the weather was gorgeous and spring is definitely in the air.

For today’s post, I feel like it’s a testament to my transformation when it comes to my taste. I was inspired by my latest pink statement necklace find from Forever 21. I don’t really know when or why, but at some point in my life I swore off of the color pink. It might have been that I was in a phase of trying to challenge society’s perception of what is feminine. Throughout all these years, I stayed away from pink clothes, accessories, or home decor.

My, oh my, how life changes you. I am now a proud pink lover and this post is a testimony of my pink affection. If someone were to ask me what my favorite spring color is for this season it would definitely be pink. Hot pink, soft pink….I love it all! All these items above are on my wish list. Some have even sold out and I do hope they bring them back. By far, my favorite piece is that pink tulle skirt. I think every lady should have a tulle skirt in her closet. It’s classic and very Grace Kelly-esque.

Even though pink is all the rage for me right now, my fave color is still turquoise. It will always rock my world!

What are your thoughts when it comes to the color pink? Love it or hate it? What’s your favorite fashion/decor color?

|1| Givenchy Pink Purse |2| Kate Spade Heart Stud Earrings |3| Asos Pink Oxfords |4| Pink Shades |5| Fab Pink Heels |6| Etsy Vintage Pink Tulle Skirt |7| Kate Spade Vail Dress |Inspiration| Forever 21 Pink Necklace

  • Loreal Elder

    Oh my word, everything about this post is darling! You just can’t go wrong with pink. ♥‿♥

    • I love everything, too! You are right. Pink is the way to go! Thanks for stopping by!

  • PrincessMouseyCards

    This is such a beautiful collection! I am a pink lover. I always have been. I think it was growing up with an older brother, I liked to keep it ‘girlie’. Pink means happiness to me in my mature years. Yes, it is my signature color, as much as turquoise is yours, Im sure. Lots of love to you! hugs & kisses to baby bump.

    • Ha! That can definitely make you a pink gal. I had never thought of pink that way, but I completely see it now. Yup, turquoise is mine for sure, but pink is making a comeback for me. Sending you hugs!

  • shy

    i love forever21 jewellery! i could browse through their stuff for hours. this past weekend, the one close by us had a 30% off jewellery sale. i walked out with this baby:

    • So do it! You can find great finds for cheap. I’m always on the look out. Love your necklace! Goes perfectly with the pink inspiration board above. Wish I had known there was a sale!

  • I am adoring pink! I just wore a pink dress for mine and my sister’s Birthday party. I was channeling Ms. Piggy :)) I can’t wait to post the look, and I also did not like it for a while. Now my love and appreciation for the color is back.

    Much Love,

    • Yay! A pink dress. Love it! Looking forward to seeing you in your dress. Funny how we hated it and now love it =)

  • I love pink, the brighter, the better. Not a big fan of pale pink. I own a pair of pink heels that look like #5 😉 They are my favorites!
    My favorite decor color is probably turquoise, but I do have lots of colors at home, like a rainbow.

    • You own those type of heels? Sexy! I was thinking of wearing them with some discolored jeans. The look would be super cute. Gotta get me some! Turquoise is def my fave, but I just love color anywhere. That’s one of the many things you and I have in common =)