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Hi ShuGar Loves!

How are you? I am surviving on very little sleep these days as I commute from my parents’ house to my job. It’s killing me, but the varnish smell is still too strong for me to be in our house just yet. I need a nap right about now!

For my last preggo update, I revealed that we picked a name for our ShuGar Boy! It was much harder than I thought. For some reason, we had already picked out girl’s names and we had a harder time coming into agreement for boy’s names. No revealing of the name just yet. It’s top secret until we meet our little man!

This whole naming process got me thinking about names in general. What’s really in a name? Do names reveal our personalities or vice versa?

It’s a lot of pressure to pick someone’s name because, after all, it will stay with him forever. I wanted to make sure we picked something unique enough, but not too way out there (no name like “Apple,” “Zen,” or “Pilot Inspektor”).  I think we found just the right name, but this entire process had me reflecting on my name and Mr. ShuGar’s name. We both have different takes on our names.

My name Carmen means “song” and I think it is a perfect representation of my personality. In fact, my abuelito used to say I was the “rattle” of the house because I brought life with my quirkiness. Mr. ShuGar’s name is Peter and I believe his name means “rock” since it’s a biblical name. When we were searching for boy’s names, we had several people suggest taking Mr. ShuGar’s name, but he wasn’t too keen on the idea and neither was I. I want our boy to have his own identity. Plus, Mr. ShuGar never really cared too much for his name.

I have found time and time again that names really can reflect who a person really is inside. It’s kind of crazy sometimes, but it’s true! I don’t know if the name helped develop the personality or vice versa, but names are a big deal. I have met people that seem to be full of joy and their names reflect this vibe. It almost defines their entire being. On the other hand, I have also met people who seem bitter and angry all the time and their names suit this personality.

When I was younger, I hated my name. It was too different. I wanted to be called “Michelle” or “Jennifer.” Instead, I was teased with “Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?” I didn’t even know what that meant as I had never watched that show. Plus, my name helped me feel like an outsider because my parents were both both born in Mexico and I spoke Spanish with my mom and English with my dad. Most of my elementary school friends spoke only English. As I got older, I began to embrace my name. It’s a tradition in our family to have the oldest daughter named Carmen. I was probably not going to continue that tradition had we had a girl, but I have grown to cherish my name. It reflects my culture and also embodies my love of life.

It’s amazing how much we judge by just seeing a name on a page! Makes you stop and think if each name has a meaning and also ponder on what the parents were thinking when they chose that name out of thousands of options.

Do you like your name? Does it have any special meaning? Which names do you like? How did you choose your child’s name?

Have a sweet day!

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  • I guess my name is not too bad, but is pretty common. Well I think it used to be pretty common in the 70’s when I was named lol. I named my boys after after their dad and me..My oldest is Michael, same name as dad ( and dad was named after his dad, it’s tradition I guess! ), and my youngest is Christopher, named after me. I named them right…each one is the mini version of the one they are named after! All of our names have a biblical meaning, although that was not my intent, it just happened! Can’t wait to hear Baby Shugar’s name! How about Rocky…after Rocky Raccoon? LOL Only another Beatle’s lover would understand that!

    • I think Christina is a beautiful name – so elegant. All Christinas I know are so pretty, like you. Isn’t that amazing about how we live up to our names? I love that you babies do. I find it so fascinating how each baby is different and resembles one or none of the parents. It was hard picking a name! Definitely not easy! I can’t wait to do the big reveal. We figure we’ll keep it hush hush for now because we don’t want anyone to influence our choice because we love it. I asked Mr. ShuGar about the reference and he knew right away from the White Album =) Thanks for visiting!

      • Well thanks for the compliment girl =) It really is fascinating how your babies can get their resemblences…like me and my siblings look nothing alike! We look we all came from different parents, even though we didn’t. Yeah, it is amazing. It IS hard tossing those names around and finally settling on one!

        • Yup! I agree! My sis and I don’t look anything alike really and we are opposite in many ways and not so much in others. Crazy! It has been hard so it was definitely a sense of relief when we finally picked just one. Love this convo!

  • Kristen Genevieve

    I agree, names are super important. And such a personal decision. My husband & I like strong names, but my husband’s siblings don’t love the names we pick, I’ve noticed. Its kind of rude when you say “we’ve chosen this name,” and you get a bad reaction. Its one thing if you’re asking for opinions, but geez. Why does it matter to them anyway?! What I’ve learned for myself: keep the name private if I really like it and don’t want to be affected by other people’s opinions.
    My husband & I have more trouble with middle names. I am a very traditional person and would like to use a family name for all of my kids’ middle names. The boys names are super easy for us, but for girls…whew, we have no idea. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it! 😉
    Can’t wait to hear the name you chose!!
    xo kristen genevieve

    • I know exactly how you feel. It’s such a personal decision and why would anyone care to interject their opinion anyway? I agree with you. Let’s keep in to ourselves for now because if we love it, that’s all that matters. It’s also interesting how every name has a “feeling” associated with it. We tried out a few, but we already knew our first choice would be the first one we tried. Can’t wait to see what you name your little man! I am giving our boy my last name as his middle name so that he can have a part of my Mexican culture. Picking names is so fun!

  • Baby Teems

    I love my name Fatima and its meaning “She who weans”. Good call on keeping the name a secret. That’s what we did! We carefully chose our sons name as well. I took into account all the factors.

    • I absolutely love your name! It sounds so enchanting! Yup, it’s top secret because I don’t care to hear people’s opinions about what we choose. It was complicated picking one so I want to keep it to ourselves for now. It’s so exciting thinking of such an important decision. Choices, choices! Thanks for stopping by =)

  • oh i used to hate my name because it was so plain! so i used to spell it in different ways – like jayne. i wished my name was a bit more unique but i like the name now. 🙂 my korean name “jae un” means with grace. i love hearing the meanings behind people’s names. i think it’s so interesting. especially now with korean names – there has been a trend among parents to name their kids using pure korean characters instead of something that can also be written in chinese characters. i have been picking out baby names since i was in like junior high school. lol. some names are still in the running for whenever i get to be a mama! 🙂

    • I absolutely love Korean names! I used to teach Koreans ESL for many years and grew very fond of understanding the meaning behind all their names. What I loved is that each name was intentional and had a strong meaning behind each one. There is beauty in that. I had the opposite problem from you since I thought mine was too unusual, but now I have grown to appreciate precisely that. Girls names were easy for me; It’s the boy’s names that stumped me, but I finally found one that fits! Happy weekend, sweet Jane.

  • PS

    Fascinating. I’ve noticed that names, for the most part, become the person rather than vice versa. Especially once you get to know the person. When you do, the name becomes most secondary. I’m sure you’re picking a name that’ll be perfect once he grows into it!

    • I sure hope so! This whole naming process has been quite the lesson. It’s a lot of responsibility choosing something that will stay with your little one forever. I want to make sure he can identify with the name, but it’s not too intense. Thanks for your comment!

  • trishie

    I believe that names reflect on one’s personality! We named our boy after his great great grandfather! We wanted a good, strong, traditional name and Alexander was it!!!

    • Such a sweet name! I love it! I want a name that has symbolism and it’s intentional. I think it’s precious that you chose something related to your family. It connects him to a history. Great choice! A name def reflects a personality. Don’t I know that!

  • I like my name now but I didn’t when I was little. It means “royalty” so I like that haha!! When I was pregnant we had a girl name picked out but were having trouble with finding a name for a boy. My sister was over and said that it was only fair that she get to name our baby because I named her (HA!). We were watching TV and it was the episode of Friends when Ross’ son Ben was born. So my sister said “What about Ben?” And for the first time, my husband and I both said we liked it! So Benjamin it was haha! Plus I like that it’s masculine, normal, and classic.

    • What a cool meaning to a name! I love it. I remember that Friends episode. We too had troubles with a boy’s name, but I had tons of girl’s names picked out. How sweet that your sis said to help with your name! She has good taste =) I’m so relieved we finally found a name that we both like because we weren’t agreeing on anything at all! Such a sweet name for a boy!

  • Names! I love talking about names- I even have an ongoing Google doc with potential boys and girls names even though we’re nowhere near pregnant. Christy is pretty ordinary: my parents are Christian and just liked the name. I guess I’m neutral about it. Two of my favorite girl’s names are Elodie and Charlotte. Oh, and Phaedra is another one, nicknamed Fay 🙂

    • You are speaking my language when you talk about creating a googledoc! I did the same thing for our potential pediatricians =) I love those two choices for girls. I had girls names picked out. It was much harder picking the boy’s names for some reason. Glad that search is over! Happy to share this name journey with you =)

  • It took me time, but I love my name. It’s unique and different, just like me. My sister and brother has popular names, but I’m happy to say that my father picked my name.

    • Your name is unique and really beautiful. How sweet that you daddy picked it out! Makes that real special. Thanks for visiting!