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Married Girls vs. Single Girls



I am happy to share with my loyal readers that I am beginning stage two of the blog redesign! I will not work with a designer to make all my blog dreams come true. I’m so beyond excited! Thank you again for following along with me on my blogging journey. Your support means the world to me! Stay tuned for more updates & a giveaway at end =)

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of articles out there pitting married girls against single girls.  It’s the “us” versus “them” language that I have found really intriguing being a newlywed myself.  It appears that once you get married, some single gals think we have crossed over to the dark side and no longer empathize with our single friends.  We become consumed with our “we” isms and are blinded by everlasting love.  Say what?

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The ShuGars Turn Two!

Our two year wedding anniversary is here!  I can still remember Mr. ShuGar serenading a Beatles song to me as he then proceeded to get on one knee.  I can vividly recall all the daily hard work we put into making our Beatles themed wedding a reality.  I still have flashes of our challenging first year of marriage as I was immersed in my graduate program.   Even though two years may not seem like too long, I am so proud of how much our love has grown during these last two years.

I know there are so-called “marriage experts” out there who claim to possess the secrets of a long-lasting marriage.  To be honest, I don’t know if there is a special formula to guarantee everlasting love.  I do know what has worked and hasn’t worked for us and I’d like to share it with you.  Behold my marriage dos’s and don’ts for year two.

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His Happiness

Before I met Mr. ShuGar, I didn’t consider myself marriage material.  I guess I just enjoyed my independence and I assumed that being married would stifle my identity.  Of course, like almost every girl, I fantasized about my wedding, but I never really had any thoughts beyond that day.  For most of my life, all I wanted to do was to travel the world and visit every continent (this still is my dream).

However, when I fell in love with Mr. ShuGar, I changed.  I daydreamed about being with him and traveling the world…with him.  I was unclear as to many of my future goals, but I knew I wanted him to be in my life forever.  Saying “I do” to Mr. ShuGar was the most magical day in my life.  I wish I could wave a wand and go back to the beginning of our wedding day. I would soak in every single moment. I’d listen to both of us saying our vows. I’d tell each guest that we loved them and are grateful they are there because they were hand picked as the most important people in our lives. I’d dance all night with my new husband and I would sit at our table and enjoy the view of our gorgeous wedding.

Although my wedding was a dream come true, my marriage has been the daily proof of our wedding vows.  Outside of my love for my family, loving Mr. ShuGar has taught me what unconditional love looks like.  One of my greatest marriage lessons has been realizing that Mr. ShuGar’s happiness equals my happiness (to a certain extent).

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A Cup of ShuGar: Marriage is the Best Work

When I contemplated starting my own blog years ago, I knew I wanted to explore the institution of marriage.  After all, it’s one of our oldest traditions revered by many, yet it’s constantly evolving due to cultural shifts.  One of the reasons I am inspired to blog is to share my insights about what I have learned and what I have yet to learn about being married. At the same time, I welcome hearing from others about their own marital journeys. I am hoping to add my own twist on the marriage discussion.  Hence, my ShuGar Love Blog was born – a blog dedicated to my love for Mr. ShuGar and beyond.

I am still a newlywed, so I do not claim to know the secrets to a successful, long-lasting marriage.  Frankly, I question the existence of a magic formula for everlasting love; everyone’s relationship is uniquely complicated.  According to a recent article in The Huffington Post, over the years married couples avoid conflict by changing the subject at the emergence of a disagreement.  After many years of marriage, couples prefer to stay in neutral territory to keep the peace.  I don’t believe there is anything wrong with this helpful tip, but Mr. ShuGar and I prefer a different approach.

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