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Little Mrs. Perfect

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Sweet ShuGar Loves,

Hi! I’ve missed you these past few months. I needed time away to gather my thoughts and process all that has been going on in my life since becoming a mommy. If you follow me on instagram (my fave social media platform), you most likely saw my post explaining where I’ve been. There is so much to unpack in that post and I will be doing so in subsequent blog posts. For now, I will share what has plagued me for almost two years: Postpartum depression.

It’s not the fairy tale side of motherhood by far, but it is the raw and authentic side that I have lived. I share to not say all mothers go through this – in fact, I would hope most don’t. Yet, it has been my truth and on my blog this is what I do – I share my heart. Allow me to open up about how postpartum depression (PPD) has affected me.


The One

How do you know when you have met the “one” you want to spend the rest of your life with?  For those of us who decided to stay single throughout most of our twenties and into our thirties, this question becomes even harder to answer.  It’s as if the older you get, the more cautious you become because the more you experience people who are “not the one.”

I wish I could say there is a perfect formula to discover who the “one” for you will be, 100% guaranteed or get your money back.  Imagine how amazing that would be! No more heartbreak.  Although, I am glad I experienced a broken heart because it makes you appreciate true love when it enters your life.

I can share how I knew Mr. ShuGar was the husband for me.  I knew it probably a year into our relationship, but I never shared this with anyone because it was too soon to think such things (for me).

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Live Your Life with Love

 *************** Attention: Blog Currently Under Construction! Thank you for Your Patience! *************

I tweeted this last night:

The older I get, the more I realize some things don’t happen for a reason. They just happen & there is no explanation as to why.

We received some devastating news about someone we love just a few days ago.  We are heartbroken. I have no words to describe the feelings, but I will try my best.  Rather than divulge any personal details, I’d prefer to share what I have learned.

Live your life with love. Now.  You don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  That in it of itself is the beauty/scariness of life.  We get so busy with our routines.  We rush to the bank, swerve through traffic, partially listen through conversations, and forget to say I love you because life is busy.  Well, I say, stop the madness. Live every day with love. Cherish all moments because even the bad ones can be seen as gifts.

Another lesson I have learned the older I get is the power of family.  In moments of happiness and in moments of despair, you can count on your family to be there through it all. This is what matters in life.  All the rest is worthless.

I challenge everyone to reframe your attitudes when it comes to life and its many challenges. It’s more fulfilling to live a life of love than that of regret, jealousy and hatred.

Do you see the sun or the moon out there? It’s telling you that you are alive. Go out there and live it. What are you waiting for?

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Thank YOU!

This post is short & sweet because I only have one message today. It’s one from the heart.


Thank you to my followers for being a part of my blog journey.

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Just Dance

I’ve wanted to blog about my love affair with dance since like ever.  Aside from writing, I can’t think of anything else that defines me more than dance.  I am not a professional dancer, although I guess I could have been if I had taken dancing more seriously when I was younger.  (Tangent – follow your dreams when you are young.  It’s the best time to do it!)

Anyways, dance has saved me.  Figuratively and physically.  I want to share my heart, not to convince you to put on your dancing shoes, but instead to encourage my lovely readers to find that thing in your life that makes you smile every time you do it.

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A Crying Moment


On Tuesday while driving into work,  I had a crying moment.  It wasn’t the kind of cry where small tears gently drip down your face.  It initially started out like that, but then the flood gates were opened and it rapidly became an ugly cry, snot included (sorry – TMI).  There was nothing significant about this particular Tuesday and the only trigger I can think of is the song that came up on my ipod – Gwen Stefani’s Early Winter.  Tangent – I have a major girl crush on her.

Anyways, I realize I was set off by the song because of its lyrics.  I have written about musical landmines before.  With this particular song, it reminded me of a situation I have been trying to diminish or to pretend it didn’t matter.  The problem with attempting to ignore your feelings is that one way or another, they’ll erupt.

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A Cup of ShuGar: It’s OK

I’ve been dreaming of writing this blog post for quite some time.  It’s a present to my loyal, lovely ShuGar readers. I know life can be amazingly challenging some times.  Do not despair. Never give up.  Strive for greatness, but know it’s ok to just be who you are.  Try to stop thinking of what could have been, what should be or what may be.  Just Be.

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A Cup of ShuGar: Beauty Everywhere

Life is hard.  We live every day working our butts off, responding to tons of emails behind our computers, racing to meet deadlines and longing for just five more minutes of sleep in the morning.  But life has to be more than that. Life IS more than that.  It’s all about what we see and how we see it.  I am trying to make a more conscious effort on giving my attitude a much-needed facelift – little Miss Complainer would rather be known as little Miss Optimist!

In an effort to practice what I preach, I decided to photograph an average Wednesday in my life and the beauty in the mundane.  They may appear worthless to some, but for me these images are gems in my life that I would love to honor. Without them, I would feel a loss.

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A Cup of ShuGar: Blog Happiness


I haven’t been blogging for too long, but I’ve been dreaming about writing ever since I was a little girl.  I can remember writing short stories in elementary school and feeling immensely proud when my pen was moving across the page.   I recall writing one story about a bear on that elementary school paper with the handwriting lines and feeling on top of the world.  My mom still has that story.

I have been asked many times why I blog by my family and friends.  Even though it seems like everyone is a blogger these days, this is a valid question since it may not sound appealing to some or it just may be really intriguing to others.  My answer to this consistent question is always the same:  I write because it makes me happy.  It’s simple, direct and profoundly true.  When I write, I feel whole.

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Things are Just Things

Happy Monday, lovely readers! I hope you had a nice weekend.  Mine was off the charts as I celebrated turning 35 with my loved ones. It was an epic birthday filled with love.  I am blessed beyond measure.

It was also a monumental weekend because of an event — which at first appeared superficial, but ended up being very profound.  I sold my car after having driven it for sixteen years! I didn’t sell it because it broke down or anything even remotely close to that.  It was just time.  My green tank was extremely reliable and had driven me around town through all the traffic, freeways, and streets without any major problems whatsoever.  All these years, I never got a new car because, frankly, I didn’t want the montly payments.  Rather, I chose to spend my money on traveling, shoes and experiencing life.  Yet, at some point, you have to let go and move on.

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