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Mother To All

Mommy’s Corner is a weekly series exploring our journey in becoming parents, our love for our ShuGar baby, and general topics related to mommyhood.

Hi ShuGar Lovelies! How are you? I sure miss you although I love to hear from you on Instagram. Life as a working mom is busy and that’s why I haven’t popped in for a while. However, I have SO much content I want to share with you all; I feel like I have blog posts already written in my mind, like this one I am about to share.

Let me start by saying prior to Camden being born, I was not a baby person. Like not even a little bit; he was the first infant I had ever held.  I would actually get annoyed when little kids would be running around and being messy and I’d wonder why parents couldn’t control their children! Boy, have I learned my lesson on that one!

Fast forward to the present and I am an entirely different person now that I am a mommy; in fact, I feel like I have become a mommy to all and sometimes this new identity weighs heavily on my heart.

Allow me to explain…


Mommy Gear Fashionably Comfy

Mommy Fashionable Comfy Gear

 ShuGar Fix Mondays is a weekly inspiration series because Mondays deserve an extra dose of pretty. For more ShuGar Fix Mondays, click here!

Hello sweet Loves! I’m popping in to give you some delicious fashion candy for all you mommies (or non-mommies) out there!