Monthly Archives: August 2015

Five Steps to Insta-Brand Yourself


Hi lovely gals and guys! I know it’s been a while since I’ve been in bloggy land, but life has been so very busy these days. I wanted to pop in and share an awesome collab post I worked on with the fabulous Sarah Smirks of the Mama Marketing Blog. She runs a rad #mommyboss facebook networking group that helps support mommy entrepreneurs in building our brands. I highly encourage you to join. Sarah blogs about how to navigate these internet waters and develop a successful brand that is uniquely yours. She’s so talented at what she does!

Sarah reached out to me a couple of weeks ago asking me to share how I rebranded my Instagram account. I immediately said “hell yeah!” because you all know how obsessed I am with this social media platform; it has so much potential to showcase the beauty of who you are!

Would you like to know how to make your Instagram shiny, bright and insta-pretty? Hop on over to the Mama Marketing Blog to read my 5 easy steps to Insta-brand yourself. Go now!!

What is your favorite social media platform? Share your handle so we can be friends below (and follow each other!).