L.A. Hidden Gem: Copenhagen Pastry


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Happy Monday to all! Hope you had a restful weekend. I wish I could say we did, but Mister Camden has decided to wake up every hour at night. I need a new word for tired.

I’ve got a special “treat” for you today. Literally. Back in the day when Mr. ShuGar and I had more free time, we used to enjoy exploring L.A.’s hidden gems. L.A. is full of special places to discover. Emma Powers from RelayRides contacted me about wanting me to write a post about one of L.A.’s hidden gems. Perfect! My post will be linked on Pinterest, where she is collecting hidden gems from all around the country. I love writing about how much I heart my city, so I agreed. Emma works for RelayRides, which is a company that operates similarly to AirBnB, but for cars. Basically, if you want to rent a car in a city, you can “share” someone’s car and you’re good to go! Pretty neat, dontcha think?

So, what’s the hidden gem I chose? It’s delicious!

Copenhagen Pastry is this tiny Danish pastry place hidden in the streets of Culver City that I just recently discovered. You’d miss it driving if it weren’t for its bright orange storefront. (Psst! That’s me in the reflection!)



So, why should you go here? The pastries are heavenly! Do you need more of a reason than that? Well, if you do, come on in and see why you should visit it. The people who work there are super, duper friendly, just like they are in the Netherlands. For me, I won’t go somewhere if the staff isn’t welcoming. It’s a policy for me.






So you may be asking yourself, where are the desserts already? Well, wait no longer! Behold desserts galore!


2014-07-20 10.03.23 Copenhagen-Pastry-Dessert Copenhagen-Pastry-Dessert Copenhagen-Pastry-Copenhagen

This last one is my favorite ever! It’s called the Copenhagen (cute name, right?!) and it’s divine. It’s referred to as “Sunshine in a Pastry” and when you bite into it you can see why. It’s comprised of yellow custard and chocolate with a soft, flaky pastry for the perfect dessert. Truth be told, I can eat ten of these in one sitting!

Copenhagen-Pastry Copenhagen-Pastry-Closer Copenhagen-Pastry-Closeup

So next time you are in the vicinity of Culver City, make sure to visit Copenhagen Pastry. Your belly will be so grateful you did!

Photo credit: Carmen Garcia-Shushtari