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Using descriptive language tell us what makes you smile. Describe the images that come to your head which put a grin on your face.

Hello, sweet friends! I hope you are all doing great. Have you been enjoying the World Cup? I sure have and it looks like it will be Germany and Argentina for the final match. Exciting! I lived in Argentina so you know who I am routing for.

Today’s love discussion is fun and sweet. What makes us smile? It’s such a personal answer and I thought this would be fun to share these days as I have been enjoying Camdie’s smiles lately. I am still waiting for his first giggle and I just can’t wait! Seeing him smile when we talk to him brightens up our entire day. His beautiful toothless grin got me thinking about what makes me smile.

Want to know?

  • Dumb and Dumber – I especially laugh at Lloyd and his stupid antics!
  • The smell of ocean air early morning
  • Slowly dipping my feet into soft white sand
  • Discovering the cutest shoes when I wasn’t searching for them
  • Camden’s thighs (Oh, so delicious!)
  • Waking up next to Mr. ShuGar
  • Gum drops (pictured above)
  • Camden’s adorable smile
  • Sweating my heart out at Zumba
  • Shrimp pasta (every bite I smile!)
  • Camdie’s chubbylicious cheeks (Is there anything sweeter than that?)
  • Watching our wedding video
  • Reading your blog comments
  • Reading old cards from Mr. ShuGar
  • Using manual settings on our dslr camera to take the perfect shot
  • Staring at my sweet boy as he sleeps at night and wondering how I have been so blessed to be his mama
  • Waking up every morning knowing I get to experience these things above for yet another day


What brings a big smile to your face? What would you say brings you happiness?


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Photo credit: Gum Drops