Sunnies California

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Hello, sweet ShuGar Loves! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Can you believe summer is almost here? Woohoo! By far, summer is my favorite season, which works out perfectly since living in Southern California equates to the perpetual land of summer and spring.

One accessory every California girl must have is sunglasses. In fact, a true California gal has a variety of sunglasses to accessorize her outfit on a daily basis. Since we have sun essentially throughout the entire year, sunglasses are a vital component of any look. In fact, sunglasses add that final “pop” in your outfit and can make a true fashion statement.

I admit I am sunglasses obsessed. They are each so different and you can have fun mixing and matching.

Trending this season are glasses which are more bold with fun embellishments, like the photo cover. I am also coveting the sunglasses below because they all have a certain pizzaz about them which I love.




Are you a sunglasses collector? Do you have a favorite pair? Would you wear any of the glasses featured above? What is your sunglasses style?

Happy Monday!

|Cover Photo| Source Unknown  |Heart Sunglasses|  |Le Specs Blue and Yellow Sunglasses|  |Pink Sunglasses|

  • I love sunglasses as well. We have summer for most of the year in my part of the world. If I had to choose one of the above shown, I would pick the blush pink sunnies. 🙂

    • Great choice, Zakkiya! Isn’t it fun to have summer year round? It makes for a very easy going lifestyle in regards to wardrobe. I love those pink ones lots =)

  • Alison

    I’m not a Cali girl and sunny days are a rarity here in PA, but I love sunglasses! I may not have anything else on me, but I always have a pair of Jackie O’s! These are all adorable, especially the light pink pair at the bottom! 🙂

    • Oh, Jackie O’s sunnies style is iconic. Love hers! Gotta have some cute sunnies at all times when possible. I’m sure you have some cute coats, though. I’d love to have a closet full of coats =)

  • Whitney ‘Nic’ James

    I’m a Maryland girl but I do LOVE Sunnies! Especially vintage inspired ones. They’re so fun!

    • Yes! Vintage sunnies are so classic and I like how they give them a modern twist these days. Thanks for visiting!

  • I used to love spring when I was living in Mexico but I must confess that since I moved to California I’m craving summer all year round. I’m so excited for the weather and the fun things to do around the city. Love the heart shape glasses, they are so you 😉

    • Summers are the best in California. You’re going to love them! Plus, there are so many fun summer activities that all you want to do is be outside every day. Oh, and the days are longer. So nice! Yup, those sunnies are my faves 😉

  • PrincessMouseyCards

    What a fantastic collection! I absolutely adore the very top jeweled sunnies! I just saw a pair online via IG & I need to find a pair for the summer. Thank you for sharing your beautiful selections.

    • Thanks so much! Those jeweled sunnies are rad. I need some too. They can be the statement piece of any outfit. Thank you for visiting!

  • My love sunglasses, so hard to live without them! I think oversized sunglasses fit my face best, but love old school Ray Bans.

    Much Love,

  • I wasn’t that much of a sunglasses lover till I started working for Finlay&Co a sunglasses brand after I had my first pair of them I became sunglasses obsessed I know own about 7 pairs, thing is I live in Scotland so they don’t get worn much 🙁