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When it comes to love, there are different ways to demonstrate your devotion. Are you more of a doer or sayer? In other words, do you prefer to show your love in your daily actions or are you someone who likes to say it as much as you can? Share examples of your love style!

I am fascinated with the science of relationships. What I find most intriguing is how two people can spend countless hours together, build a life together, and can have very different personalities and communication styles. When it comes to love, we all seem to “express” ourselves in our own style.

How do we make relationships work when we all have our unique language style? For Mr. ShuGar and I, we definitely approach expressing our love differently.

I am very much a “sayer” when it comes to showing my love. It’s probably because I am a lover of words, but I take every opportunity possible to say how much I love him. I find it fun to express my devotion in unique ways, like when Mr. ShuGar will least expect it. For example, I enjoy telling him I adore him when we are waiting in line to pay for our groceries at Trader Joe’s or when we are stopped at a red light a block from our house. Although I also give him love via my actions, I can say I am much more comfortable showering him with my love words. It’s the “action” part of love that I am always working on improving.

Mr. ShuGar is opposite to me when it comes to expressing our love. He is much more of a “doer” than I am. He prefers to show his heart by helping me cook, buying me tickets to a live music event, or hugging me. He is a “tactile” lover and I am a “verbal” partner. Together, we make it work, but it does have its challenges since we do speak a different language.

We have to remind ourselves that we are showing our love because sometimes there is miscommunication due to our varying language patterns. Mr. ShuGar is more of an introvert than I am most times and I am by far the drama queen in our relationship. Our conflicts arise when we forget to understand we are expressing our love, just not in the way we personally would demonstrate our heart. Mr. ShuGar has taught me to be more of a “doer” and I have given him a fresh perspective on the importance of love words.

I began to think about our love language recently as we both are parenting our newborn son. I realize we are both teaching him how to love by the way we show him our hearts. He will mirror our love styles and that’s very cool and also extremely scary. Talk about the pressure! I can say our ShuGar Baby is getting a full dose of love from both of us in different ways and I think that’s a good thing. He is learning love can come in many shapes and sizes. It’s important that we remember to share with him the value of expressing love, no matter what style Mr. ShuGar and I prefer.

I want our ShuGar Baby to understand that hugs say love as much as those three beautiful words do. This is way Mr. ShuGar and I take every opportunity to be affectionate to each other with our own love language. We want little Camden to be getting his daily love lessons so that he can develop his own love style.

Ultimately, love is love. You can show it any way possible, but whichever way you prefer to express yourself what matters is you do and say what is in your heart.


Are you a doer or a sayer when it comes to showing your love? Why do you prefer this personal love style? Do you find being in a relationship with someone who has your same love lingo works better or do opposites attract?


 Give an example in your life when you have felt/given unconditional love. What defines unconditional love for you? Is it possible to love someone with no strings attached? 

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