I Heart My Mom


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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Let’s dedicate this post to celebrate our mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, and friends who have blessed our lives as mothers and/or mother figures. You can even give this post as a virtual gift to this mom in your life.

This will be my very first Mother’s Day ever. I can’t believe I have the honor of having someone call me mom (one day when he can speak). It still seems surreal. I will dedicate another blog post about my own thoughts so far on being a mommy, but for this post I would like to celebrate the existence of my own mom, my guardian angel on Earth.  I have written an ode to my mama before. However, as a new mama, I have a fresh perspective on what constitutes the definition of mom.

The relationship between my mom and I hasn’t been perfect, but what relationship is. It’s partially due to the fact that we both have strong personalities, we are stubborn, and we are both from different cultures – my mom is from Mexico and I was raised in the States. Our worlds sometimes collide.

Yet, I would die without her being in my life. I mean this more literally now more than ever as my mama has graciously taken time to spend with Mr. ShuGar and I to care for baby Camden. I cannot even begin to describe the immense help and support she has shown us as we adjust to our new lives as parents. I know that if I am feeling overwhelmed, tired, stressed, lost, hungry, or dirty, she is there to help me make it through the fog. I can’t imagine anyone else by my side during this challenging and amazing moment in my life.

Overprotective – I get it!

I now understand what my mom has expressed every time she sounds overprotective, even as I am a 35-year old woman. Sometimes, when I am feeding Camdie, I tell him I love him and I will miss him when he gets married one day. I just never want to let him go!

Sacrifice – I get it!

My mama has always put us before her own needs/wants. For this very reason, I’ve always wanted to give her “things” for every holiday as a token of our appreciation. I never really grasped how she doesn’t want to shop for herself or go on trips around the world. I now see that she would rather first see us content and fulfilled than cater to her own needs.  This explains how and why she has decided to spend these days with us to help us care for ShuGar Baby. She is sacrificing herself even till this day. With Mr. Camden, I just want to see him happy. He really can’t express himself all that much yet, but when I see him fully fed and sleeping peacefully, my heart rests in peace. I just want to give him my all before I even think of me.

Spending lots of time with us – I get it!

My mama has told us she misses us when we are not around and enjoys being in our (my sis and I) presence all the time. As an immature teenager, I recall telling her to “get a life” and have fun. I clearly had no clue as what to being a mother actually is. Now, I see that her joy comes from being with us and sharing herself. Again, this explains why she has carved out days every week to cook for us, wash our dishes, and carry Camden Boy so that we can get some rest. With Mr. Camdie, I just want to be near him at all times, preferably having him in my arms. I completed a major milestone yesterday – I went outside for the first time without my baby to Target. I felt strange, like a part of me was missing. I quickly rushed back to be with Camden. It’s not that I don’t have a life, but, instead, being with Camdie brings a deeper appreciation of what my life is.

Unconditional Love –  I get it!

There is no greater love than a love you have for your child. It knows no bounds. I’ve always known this about my mama. She has proven her love a billion times. Now as a mama myself, I can see why she loves us so much. She has dedicated her entire life to raising us, from holding us in her arms and feeding us to supporting our dreams as adults. It’s all part of the love package mamas give to their babies, regardless of how old they are. I just can’t even comprehend the amount of love I have for Camden Baby. It sometimes scares me because all I want to do is shield him from any hurt and have my love protect him forever. There is absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do to just see my little boy smile.

This Mother’s Day and every day, show and tell how much your adore your mom. Cherish her because you will miss her when she is no longer around. Moms are gifts and we should realize how blessed we are to have them in our lives. They are the physical embodiment of the true meaning of love.


What do you heart about your mom or a mother figure in your life? What makes mothers so special?


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Photo credit: Carmen Garcia-Shushtari

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  • A beautiful post! It’s so true, before we are mothers, we don’t really understand the whole mother-child relationship. However, once we are parents ourselves, we can truly understand and appreciate everything our mothers have done for us (and still do for us).

    • Yes! Exactly! I see it all with a different perspective. I can now reflect on my whole childhood and feel very grateful. Mamas are the greatest gifts! Happy Mama’s Day!

  • Julie

    Your Mother sounds like a great lady. It’s not until we become a Mother that we truly know what our own Mother went through.

    • I love her so much. Becoming a mother gives you a profound appreciation for your own. Happy Mama’s Day!

  • shy

    what a lovely post! my mom definitely has always made sacrifices for us. no matter how hard it is, she keeps on going. happy first mother’s day!

    • Thanks so much! Moms are amazing that way in regards to sacrificing, right? We are very lucky to have them. Thanks for the support. My very first mama’s day!!!!

  • shy

    oh – and please tell you mother that that shade of green looks beautiful on her!

    • I told her and she smiled. She said thank you. You are so sweet!

  • Yes, until I became a mom I truly did not understand all that my mom did for me and appreciate all her work as a parent. Let’s face it, it is a job! She worked a full time job and was always there for my sister and I. Love her more than words can express.

    Much Love,


    • It is a job. True that! But the best kind of job. My mom worked full time, too. Aren’t they superwomen? Words cannot even come close and that is why I tried really hard to describe my devotion to her because I appreciate it even more now. Happy Mama’s Day!

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