It’s Friendship the I Love Lucy Way


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Write an ode to a true friend. It may be someone from your past or a current friend who has proven to love you unconditionally. Share why this person defines your meaning of friendship.

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Let’s chat about friendships. I don’t have a lot of friends. That’s ok. I prefer it that way. The friends that I do have are the best of the best and I’d like to share with you why.

Growing up, I spent many days in front of the tv with my mama and sis watching I Love Lucy. It was one of the few shows my mama liked watching in English. Lucy and Ethel’s friendship personified my ideal BFF relationship. They would fight, make up, get into trouble, cry together, and have loads of moments laughing together. I remember thinking I always wanted an “Ethel” in my life.

Alas, life set me on a different path. Through the years, and especially after high school, I slowly began to see my circle of friends dwindle. Whether it be just a part of life’s natural circumstances or brought on by a big disagreement, the friends have slowly disappeared into the unknown. Losing any friend is never easy, no matter how many times it may happen. I’ve shed many tears with the dissolution of each friendship. In my recent years, I have lost the friendship of someone who I cherished so much and till this day it still hurts when I think about it. I’ve accepted it and moved on, but sometimes your heart takes a longer time to heal.

Nevertheless, at age 35 I have chosen to take a fresh perspective on my friends. I feel blessed to have those few who have never left my side and have proven their loyalty time and time again. Two in particular come to mind. They were my bridesmaids, held my hand during my divorce, and have checked in with me frequently during my pregnancy.

I may not see them or speak to them on a regular basis, but we know our friend love is strong. They have proven this not with their words, but with their actions. How many times have I been told “I’m you friend”, but then a friend fails to demonstrate their true devotion when I really need them? Too many to count at this point. But, these two friends are my gems…they are my hearts. They let me be who I am and listen to me when I am at my best or at my worst. No judgment, just love between us.

My two friends are not selfish; they are not envious either. I have found these sentiments sometimes corrupt friendships. They are confident women who understand what matters in life. They’re also not afraid to speak from their hearts. They don’t shy away from confrontation, but instead allow for a mature conversation to take place if there is any form of miscommunication. In other words, they don’t bury their feelings when things get awkward. I’ve had friends who have completely avoided “the talk” because they would rather let things build up or they prefer the “silent treatment.” I’m too old for these type of games.

I cannot express the extent of my love for these two friends enough with these words alone. I want them to know how much I value their friendship and I never take it for granted. In fact, the older I get, the more I recognize the gifts they are to me.

I dedicate this post to them. I want them to know they are loved so profoundly by me.


What qualities do you look for in a true friend? When you look at your friendship circle, what type of friends are the ones you know are unconditionally there for you through life’s ups and downs?


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Photo credit: I Love Lucy