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Complete the following sentence: I love me because…This may be hard for some of us, but we have to love ourselves before we give love, dontcha think? Share something physical you heart about yourself and another non-physical characteristic which you admire about yourself.

I must admit I felt a little silly writing the title to this post. I’m not used to praising myself in such an outward way. For today’s All You Need is Love Project, this is exactly what we have to do and it feels liberating. It’s interesting because I believe it’s easier to hide behind self-deprication and sarcasm than be more overt about loving ourselves. I do believe this is also a quintessential female experience. We raise our girls to be humble, not bold and proud. That’s what we raise our men to be.

Well, I say let’s stop the vicious cycle today. Let’s look in the mirror and find something we heart about each one of us both physical and non-physical. For some of us, this may be a cinch, but for others this may take us a while. I’ll start!

I heart my eyes

Ever since I can remember, I’ve really liked the shape and color of my eyes. I feel it’s one of the physical characteristics that truly defines me. I remember someone saying they are “almond-shaped” and I dig that. My eyes are a soft brown and bigger than most. Since I am of Mexican-decent, I’m assuming they are Latino eyes, but I have had others ask me if I was half-Asian! I’ve asked them why they thought this and they respond that my eyes seem to be Asian-like, whatever that means.

For almost half of my life, I used to wear glasses. Although I miss accessorizing with some cute eyeglasses, I always felt that they hid my eyes. I was very grateful when I finally got lasik surgery and could let me eyes be free. I love that they are big because I am a very expressive person, so my eyes help do a lot of my “talking.” They’re also the reason why I have a hard time lying. My eyes cannot tell a fib. I also really like my eye color. I know all the rage is blue eyes, but I enjoy having a soft brown tone.

I heart my heart

I had to think extra hard about something non-physical I love about myself. I reflected on what I say during job interviews, but those answers seemed so generic. I then recalled something Mr. ShuGar said about me when I asked him what he loved about me. He confessed, “I love your ability to love so immensely.” At the time, I wasn’t sure what he meant, but I realize now he was talking about my heart.

I don’t open my heart to just anyone, but when I do I give my heart wholeheartedly. I cannot hold back my love. It’s all or nothing for me. On the positive side, this means I am very affectionate and loving to those in my inner circle. It’s how I am built and I love this about myself. I am not made of ice, but instead I am comprised of one giant heart that loves love. I never tire saying,” I love you.” Ever. I adore thinking of different ways to display my affection to my loved ones. I even make special nicknames for those special few! My desire to love is endless and that’s also why when my heart aches, it hurts real bad. I give my all and that can also leave me very vulnerable.

Despite this risk, I still love profusely. I mean look at my blog. It’s a true reflection of who I am. I really love Mr. ShuGar’s answer. I like that he cherishes that part of my personality. I agree with him. I heart my heart.

Ultimately, this post is not about bragging about ourselves in a cocky way. It’s about acknowledging the beauty that lies outwardly and within each one of us. I cringe when I hear some women bash themselves and settle for less. You are worth so much more than that! I see it and I wish they did, too. As I mentioned earlier, we raise our boys to aggressive and strong, but how about raising our girls to believe in themselves and not be afraid to express that? Humility can be overrated if it comes at the price of our own self-worth.

At 35, I am proud to say there are many things I love about myself. If there are those who disagree with me, frankly, I really don’t care. I know who I am and love myself because of that.


 What do you heart about yourself? Share a physical and non-physical characteristic you admire about you! Trust me when I say it feels good to say it out loud.


What does love smell like to you? Share a photo of a scent you adore. Using descriptive language, share with us how this person/thing smells like to you. Paint a picture for us with your words!

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Photo credit: Ashley Rose Photography

  • Julie

    Your pictures of yourself are really cute! Plus you look very beautiful in your dress. Blue eyes are beautiful, but so can brown eyes. I like the color of honey brown eyes; they look bright like the sun.

    • Thanks, Julie! Our wedding was magical. I agree with you. Both eye colors are beautiful. I love that you said they look like the sun. Exactly!

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  • trishiekoh

    Great post, Carmen! And I’m loving the photos. You’re absolutely right – we first need to love ourselves before we can love others

    • Thanks, Trish! I think it’s much-needed for us women to be proud of our accomplishments and qualities. Yeah, and a healthy relationship starts with us.

  • shy

    i heart my lips – for the shape and fullness.

    i think this is a great post. everything in our world today makes it so easy to forget to love ourselves. it’s become a foreign concept almost.

    • How wonderful & lucky for you to have gorgeous lips. A definite characteristic to be proud of. I agree. We almost feel bad if we say we love something about ourselves, but why should we? Thanks for joining in the discussion!

  • A friend of yours really needs to make a valentines card for you next year that says “I heart your eye balls” 🙂

    • Ummm….I think I saw that at CVS yesterday! 😉

      • lol of course.

  • PrincessMouseyCards

    I know you have a lot of love! You come from a loving family, you write with so much love! You comment with so much love. Shu Gar Baby is going to be filled with so much love! I have not met you face to face, but I feel like we have been long time friends. Sending love to you and family!

    • Aawwww….you are a doll, Lisa! It means a lot to me that you can feel the love in my words. It’s my most favorite thing to do in the whole wide world! I too feel like we’ve known each other forever. So lucky to have found you and have you join in this love project <3

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