Dear ShuGar Baby: Very Soon We Will Meet

Blue Wall ShuGar Heart On Belly

 Mommy’s Corner is a weekly series exploring our journey in becoming parents, our love for our ShuGar baby, and general topics related to mommyhood.

Dear ShuGar Boy,

Your birth date is coming real soon. In fact, the doctor says you can enter this world any day now! To prepare for your arrival, your daddy and I have been working real hard to finish up your room, assemble your toys, and clean all your clothes. We’ve gotten help from your abeulitos (grandparents) and your tia (aunt), too. Plus, our friends have also helped along the way. We are very blessed to have all this love and support around us. 

Do you want to know how excited we are to meet you?

Bunches, lots, tons, to infinity and beyond! You are our universe. The moment we knew you existed, we’ve been preparing our lives to welcome you. We’ve rearranged our house to make room for you. Now all that is missing is your sweet presence. We even had this wonderful yellow submarine baby shower just for you! You already know how much your mommy and daddy love The Beatles because you hear us sing to you all the time.

Doesn’t daddy have such a great voice? He’s going to teach you all about The Beatles. Mommy loves daddy so much. He’s the perfect daddy for you. 

We also took your very first photos in one of our fave L.A spots and also the place where your mommy and daddy first kissed. That’s you inside my belly in all the pictures! I think you were smiling that day.

Do you know that as I write this letter to you inside of me you are dancing? You love to swish and do twirls in my belly. I feel like I know you already because we’ve been together every minute of the day. You are my partner in life and very soon I will have to let you go. Any day now, you will be born and you will breathe on your own and not through your mama. Up until this point, I have protected you, fed you, and given you a home. When you are ready, you will declare your independence and choose your birthday. I’m going to miss you inside of me. I will never forget it.

I do have some fears as we prepare for your debut. Will I be a good mama to you? How will I know what you like? Will I know how to soothe you when you cry? Will you like it when I kiss and hug you? What diapers will you prefer? Will you like my milk? How will  I protect you from all the dangers in this world? I never want you to suffer or be harmed ever. 

Your daddy also has some thoughts about you, too. He can’t wait to play frisbee with you! He says he’s going to teach you all about sports, but especially tennis. Do you know your daddy is a great tennis player? He said he’s going to share with you his love for film. He’s looking forward to introducing you to many great movies. He said he’ll be taking you to see movies throughout your life. Your daddy is so smart. We are very lucky to have him.

Since this will most likely be the last letter I write to you before your birth date, I want you to know how much we love you, even before we meet. Your arrival will be one of the happiest moments in our lives. The other is the day your daddy and I got married. I know it may be scary entering a whole new world, but know that your daddy and I will be waiting for you on the other side. We will always be here for you whenever you need us. We will catch you when you fall. We will love you for an eternity. Just wait and see!

Photo credit: Hello Pinecone Photography

  • La Maman Heureuse

    Oh sweet mama, this is just too adorable and cute for words! I can just feel the love between your lines through this screen on the other side of the pond! You two are going to make the best parents this little boy can imagine! And you’ll know … if I read your words, I’m sure you’ll know exactly what to do, cause you know him! And otherwise we’re here for support and advice!

    So happy I’ve been able to join you guys on this amazing road to parenthood and I can’t wait to meet him too.

    I once read that being a parent is like feeling your heart is never yours and will walk beside you for the rest of your life. So cherish the time you feel that little heart close to your heart before you have to let go 🙂

    Thinking of you and praying for a safe delivery!

    • Thanks, sweet mama friend! I’m sure you can relate to that feeling of letting go. I just love him so much and I just can’t imagine how that love will multiply once I meet him. The feeling is overwhelming I am sure. I always get so emotional writing these. I’m so honored that you’ve followed along. It’s so special to have you as a support to me. Love, ya girlie! That analogy got to me. It’s a perfect description of what being a parent feels like. Gotta quote that one! Soon we will meet him!

  • Etta

    Ahhhhhh, he is almost here 🙂
    Your little boy has been blessed with amazing parents! The maternity photos are absolutely beautiful.

    • I can’t believe it! Thanks, Amanda. I always love hearing from you. This whole experience has been surreal to say the least. Hope you are well!

  • Julie

    Love the letter. It is almost time! 🙂

    • Thanks, Julie! Got all teary-eyed writing this one =)

  • Vanessa Paola Garcia

    Oh my gosh! I cried throughout this whole letter! So magical and unbelievable that we will meet the little boy who has been sleeping, eating and zumba-ing in your tummy! We all can’t wait to meet you!

    • I was crying the whole time writing it! I just can’t believe he’s almost here. It’s a dream come true! I can’t wait for him to be officially introduced into our family. So blessed.

  • PrincessMouseyCards

    This is so beautiful! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your transition into Mommy. I feel like I am a relative of Baby ShuGar Boy in your posts and it is so beautiful. I will say a little prayer for your family. Lots and lots of love to you, lisa

    • Thanks, Lisa! It is I who is honored that you’ve followed along. Ha! You sure are! You are his bloggy tia =) Thank you for the prayer. I welcome all the love. Love back at ya!

  • This just makes me smile. 🙂 You are such a sweetheart!

    xo kristen genevieve