The ShuGars’ Baby Bump Photo Session


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Do I have a treat for all you lovelies today or what?!? I’ve been dying to share with you photos from our maternity photo session and today is that day! I’ll let the pics do most of the talking, but before I do that I want to give a love shout out to our amazingly talented photographer, Erin, from Hello Pinecone Photography.

I am blown away at all the gorgeous photos she took and, more importantly, how kind and sweet she was. Two things I have learned about photography as I have begun to dabble in it a bit. (1) It takes a lot of skill, patience, and talent to take ONE good photo. It is not as easy as it looks. (2) In order for anyone to capture a great photo, the photographer has to have the ability to inspire her subjects. This is certainly a challenging endeavor since many people may not feel so comfortable in front of the camera. That said, Erin embodies both of these requirements masterfully. She is such a doll to work with and has some rad camera talent. Thank you, dearest Erin, for giving us the greatest gift of capturing such a special moment in our lives. We heart you!

Ready to see some luscious photos?

When deciding where to take our photos, we knew we had to choose somewhere we enjoy hanging out. As you know, Mr. ShuGar and I are both L.A. lovers, so we wanted to shoot in a place that reflected our love for our city. We chose Abbot Kinney, a favorite hangout of ours in Venice. Our first stop was the Intelligentsia Cafe because we are coffee addicts.

Cafe Ordering Coffee Not Looking Both Ordering Smiling Cafe Heart Cup Pouring Cafe Me Cup and Belly


Can I just give another big thanks to my hair and makeup stylist, Evelyn, from Theresa Huang for making me feel so beautiful that day? They really know how to make a gal look her best. Many thanks!

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 8.40.57 AM

Cafe Holding Belly Cafe Us Cup B and W Cafe Holding Belly with Cup Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 8.41.41 AM

The barrista made us a “heart ” coffee!! Oh, and did you notice we had a yellow submarine cup? You know the Beatles had to be in there somewhere, right?

Now for a little walk around Abbot Kinney…

Walking Look Back Walking Bodies Black and White Looking Back

Smiling Outside Cafe Cafe Close Up Outside Cafe Standing Bar Hat Looking at Belly Smiling Me Hat Smiling B and W Hat

If you have been following my blog, you know I am obsessed with hats. This is my current fave floppy hat from Forever 21. Did you notice the three hearts on my jacket? They’re from one of cutest accessory stores, Ban.Do, and I chose three to represent the three loves of my life: Mr. ShuGar, our ShuGar Baby, and me (you gotta love yourself before you give love).

I adore my belly bump so much. In fact, I’m going to miss it, even though it can be uncomfortable. I wanted to make sure I captured my lady lumps because I am proud of carrying my little boy inside of me.

Blue Wall Full Body Blue Wall Belly Look Belly Blue Wall Side B and W Blue Wall Touching Hair Belly Blue Wall Side Profile Blue Wall Looking at Belly

Every time Mr. ShuGar comes into the picture, I just can’t help but beam with love for him. I love you, sweet Mr. ShuGar, forever and eternity.

Blue Wall Us Walking Blue Wall Us Laughing 2

Blue Wal B and W Laughing Blue Wall Straight Look Blue Wall Us Looking Blue Wall Nene Walking Heart 1 Blue Wall Nene Walking Heart 2 Blue Wall Nene Walking Heart 3 Blue Wall Nene Heart On Belly

I love our friends! I had several contact me to let me know Vans has a new Beatles line of shoes. I jumped at that chance to buy ShuGar Boy his own yellow submarine Vans.

Blue Wall Yellow Submarine Shoes

Mr. ShuGar and I like to have fun together and aren’t afraid of being a little silly. Here’s a series of whimsical, Yellow Submarine-esque photos with our heart umbrella!

Umbrella Jump 2 Umbrella Jump 1 Umbrella No Rain Umbrella Smiling

Our next location means a lot to us as a couple. We had our very first kiss at this park almost six years ago. It’s the place that started it all. Erin had a great suggestion to have the more formal shots there and use the beautiful magic hour light to capture our intimate picnic.

Picnic Lunch Pails Picnic Lunch Pails 2 Picnic Kiss 2 Picnic Kiss 1 Picnic Little Heart Picnic Welcome Picnic Welcome Close Picnic Full View Picnic Distant Reading Picnic Book Kiss

We are reading to ShuGar Boy John Lennon’s children’s book, Real Love: The Drawings for Sean.

The evening ended magically near the marina with love all around us.

Formal BW Dress B and W Formal Dress Kiss 1 Formal Looking Up Formal Tree Side View Formal Dress Lookign Side Formal Dress Looking Straight Us Formal B and W Lol 2 Formal Dress B and W Looking at Each Other Formal Dress LOL

Formal Dress Direct Smirk Formal Water Us Direct Formal Water Lol Both Formal Water Kiss Formal Kiss Shadow

Thank you for following along our preggo journey.

See ya tomorrow for the All You Need is Love Project!


Hair and Makeup – Theresa Huang Salon

Outfit #1: Forever 21 Floppy Hat, Old Navy Striped Love Blouse, Burlington Coat Factory Maternity Jeans, DSW Floral Flats, Ban.Do Heart Pins

Outfit #2: Forever 21 Heart Crop Top, Ross Grey Maxi Skirt, DSW Oxford Shoes, Vans Yellow Submarine Sneakers

Outfit #3: Ross Black and White Striped Maxi Dress, Forever 21 Black and Gold Necklace, Gold Flats (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Photo credit: Erin @ Hello Pinecone Photography

  • gushing at all the photos! you look fabulous! such beautiful captures! here’s to your final weeks until you meet your little boy! very excited for you!

    • Tell em about it! Our photographer is rad. I can’t believe I will meet him soon. Aaaahh!! Thx, Jane!

  • Omg REALLY?!!! Can your pictures be even more beautiful?!!! I love it and I cried becasue weirdly, I miss my bump. lol

    • You’re so sweet, Rekita! I understand when you say you miss your bump. I think I’m going to really miss mine, too. You feel magical with it. It’s bittersweet soon parting with it.

  • Julie

    I can’t say this enough…love, love, love! I can just see your joy and love coming out into your expressions. The photoshoot looked so fun! I love your striped shirt with the polka dotted blazer. I’m a big fan of polka dots. I also love your black and gold necklace. And of course you look very beautiful in your photos! 🙂 <3

    • Thanks, sweet Julie! We did have a lot of fun. I’m polka dot and stripes crazy. I’ve been obsessing over mixing patterns lately. I adore the black and gold color combo. Kind of chic in a modern way. I appreciate all your love!

  • Wow!! You guys look incredible, so happy!! It took me some time choosing my favorites, all of the pictures are adorable, but I think the ones with the umbrella are super cute. You should frame those 🙂

    • Gracias, amiga linda! Yeah, those are my tops. I don’t even remember jumping but seeing Mr. ShuGar fly makes my heart skip a beat! Definitely framing them =)

  • Oh my goodness – SOOO many good photos!! You are so beautiful!! I love LOVE this post! 🙂

    • You are too kind, Kristen! I appreciate the love! I can’t stop staring at them and the baby bump. I’m going to miss it, aren’t you?

  • Omigosh you look so beautiful!! I got teary looking at these pictures because she did an absolutely fabulous job capturing the love you have for each other and the love for ShuGar Boy already! Makes me miss my bump for sure! I am also a huge Beatles fan so all of the Beatles things made me happy too 🙂

    • Thanks, sweet Kimberley! I love your comments. Our photographer rocked it. I’m going to miss my bump. I’ve gotten used to little ShuGar dancing in my belly. Glad to know another Beatles fan! We’re all part of the Beatles family, right?

  • I’m in love with your pictures, they are amzingly beautiful! So sweet of you to share your journey with us.



    • Thanks so much, Tania! It is I who is honored to have you read and partake in our journey of becoming parents. Thank you following along!

  • I am so in love with your pictures. These make me wish I lived near you so I could have this photographer take pictures of me! Beautiful.

    • Thanks, sweet Kristy! I wish you lived near me to so we can have our babies hang out. Maybe one day! Erin is a pretty rad photog for sure. Love her!

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  • Homemaker Mom

    Ok I have a tear now. That was the most beautiful baby bump photos i have ever seen! You can see your love & happiness between you! Well done. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks bunches! Wow…what an amazing compliment. It’s very much appreciated. We are ecstatic about the arrival of our son. So honored to share this with you!

  • These are lovely Carmen! Love Love Love! It’s crazy, but you’re the first woman I’ve met in a really long time that embraced and enjoyed her pregnancy. I’ve always thought it was this magical time to be celebrated, but felt like maybe I was being naive and silly…then you beamed and I was reassured. Yep, it’s magic!

    • Thanks, Tish! Really about most pregnant women you know? That’s sad when some women can’t enjoy their pregnancy due to complications. I’ve been very, very lucky to have had an easy one. To be honest, I’m going to miss being pregnant. It felt magical to me. Almost like I had special powers. No, not naive or silly at all. I think you should embrace this special moment because it literally is gone in a second. You’re so sweet!

      • Funny you mention special powers. I recently had an interview with Dooce concerning pregnancy and mamahood. I loved what she had to say about ‘the power’ and connection:

        • Just read this and loved it! NO idea you wrote for these places. Yeah, that power part is real. I also liked what she said about the power of her body. Very, very true! Pregnancy can feel different for everyone, but I have felt so blessed throughout, despite the hiccups of the inconveniences. Thanks for sharing, friend!

          • 🙂 Yep. I’m a fit bottomed gal. So if you ever want a trainer post baby holler 🙂 My hubby is a genius! We have a boot camp that a lot of mommies attend. He’s not super crazy and loud and angry lol which makes it enjoyable…well as enjoyable as working out can get. 😉

          • You both are the coolest couple ever! I will def consider post-baby. I will need help as I hope to make it pre-baby weight in a healthy and manageable way and not going too crazy. Great to know, fit bottomed gal!