Boy, Oh, Boy Dreaming


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Happy Monday, friends! Don’t the weekends just fly by? I hope you had a good one. We had another busy and fun weekend as we spent Saturday taking photos for our maternity session with the amazingly talented Erin from Hello Pinecone. I cannot wait to share them with you!

What has been on my fashion mind these days? Well, baby clothes, of course. To be specific, I’ve been dreaming of boy fashion because I’ve never been charged with dressing up a boy….until now. We received so many cute outfits for our ShuGar Boy at our baby shower. I can’t wait to play dress up with him.

The pieces above are other items I’m coveting for our little man. They’re all so adorable! This shopping for baby boy is going to be hard to resist.

Wishing everyone a great, love-filled day!

|1| Zara Printed Sweater |2| Zara Seagreen Sneakers |3| Etsy Cardigan and Bow Tie Set |4| Baby Gap Graphic Onesie |5| Baby Gap Striped Tee |6| J Crew Cashmere Heart Sweater |7| Etsy Hat Set

  • Aww I’m melting. You need to buy him a cute hat, please please 😉 like outfit #7

    • I know…aren’t they all so adorable! It’s so cute to see clothes for little men =) #7 is a must!

  • i love all those outfits!!!! awwww

    • Me too!!! I want them all! Thanks for visiting =)

  • Michelle Olthuis Moehle

    Umm those are adorable. I can’t wait to start a family.
    xx, Michelle

    • Aren’t they? Yes, it’s very exciting. Are you both planning any time soon? Thanks for visiting!

  • So adorable! I’m sure your little man is going to always look too cute! 🙂

    • Thanks, Kristy! I must admit I’m going to have so much fun dressing him.

  • Tania Franco

    I adore shopping for babies! Gap is almost alway my go to becuase the style are so cute and most of the time affordable (it’s been getting pricier lately). Wish you get all items on the list. :))


    • It’s so much fun, right? Baby Gap has adorable clothes. Yeah, I guess you have to look for sales but everything looks so cute on display. Thanks for the wishes! My wish list is long….=)

  • your photographer takes amazing pictures! can’t wait to see! and these picks are so adorable 🙂

    • She sure does! Can’t wait to share them with you. I want them all!