A Week in the Life: Week 7


A Week in the Life is a photo inspiration series to document every day moments in my ShuGar life.

Hello, all! It’s finally Friday! This weekend is extra special for us because we’ll be having our maternity photo session. We got rained out last week, so I’m happy ShuGar Boy decided to stay in my belly in time for our photo shoot. Can’t wait to share the photos with you in the weeks to come!

These series of photos are simply randomness of my every day life. Lots has been going, so I love to remind myself to look up and capture beauty all around me. Hope you like them!

I spent a few days in San Diego for a work conference. San Diego is one of my favorite Cali cities – to me it captures what everyone imagines California to look like.

20140215_154248 20140217_113609 20140217_113556 20140217_162215 20140217_161627 20140217_162744 20140217_163339 20140217_164406 20140217_164715 20140215_154225

Candy wrappers can look so pretty, right? Oh, and the “Rosa” candy was a staple in our Mexican house as a kid. So delicious!

20140217_160740 20140217_160926

Seaport Village has a lot of cute things to photograph.

20140217_105542 20140217_113505 20140217_113341

I’ve been trying to maintain a healthy work out routine as it aids in ShuGar Boy’s brain development in the third trimester. I’m also addicted to working out!

20140225_234738 20140221_132606 20140221_132701

No matter where I go, I am drawn to pops of color in the most unusual places. Oh, and you know I couldn’t resist capturing hearts everywhere!

20140222_111415 20140227_174929 20140221_205113

We’re still enjoying the glow form our Yellow Submarine Baby Shower. We are so lucky to have amazing family and friends who showered ShuGar Boy with their love and gifts.

20140223_120256 20140302_121633


Over the past few weeks, it’s rained on and off in L.A. When it rains in my city, it makes the top of the news (so funny!). I just enjoy hearing and seeing the rain as it cascades on buildings and the pavement. There’s such beauty in water. Plus, the result after the rain is glorious, don’t you think?

20140228_092245 20140225_154152 20140225_160314 20140305_083306

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Thank you to all the participants in yesterday’s All You Need is Love Project. It’s been fabulous seeing how we all show love in different ways.  Don’t forget it’s daylight savings time so I believe it’s spring forward time, but we do get more light now in the evening.

Hugs to all!

Photo credit: Carmen Garcia-Shushtari