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Work It


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Hello, dear friends! Hope your weekend was fun-filled. We spent the weekend tying up loose ends and doing last minute details for ShuGar Boy. It’s kind of funny knowing any minute now he will want out. I’m so excited (and nervous) to welcome him into our lives!

As I tend to do, I am thinking ahead of life post-baby. At some point (not any time soon afterwards), I will get back into my work out routine. Many years ago, I lost a significant amount of weight and I am pumped to do it once again. I know what needs to be done and I will do it sensibly with time on my side. No diet, but just a consistent lifestyle routine of healthy eating and exercise.

In order to facilitate my goal to get back to pre-baby weight, I’m fantasizing of getting a whole new workout wardrobe. You must look cute while you sweat it out, right? These are some things I’ve been dreaming about. They inspire me to get motivated when the time comes. I just have to have that MILF tank. It has my name written all over it!

By the way, I am on the search for anyone who would like to guest post for my blog. I’ll be taking some time off and welcome any contributors. Message me at if you are interested.


|1| Target Purple Tank |2| Target Racer Bra |3| Target Purple Capri Pants|4| Zappos Nike Air Sneakers |5| Garmin Purple Pedometer |6| MILF Fitness Tank |7| Sports Chalet Skidless Purple Yoga Mat

Low-Sugar Raspberry Muffin Love


Hello, ShuGar Loves! Hope you all had a nice week. I cannot thank you enough for all the love you’ve shown as we prepare to welcome ShuGar Boy any minute now. Your support has touched both of our hearts. So lucky to have each and every one of you in our lives!

This is an extra special post because I am a self-professed foodie who is challenged in the kitchen department. I do love my food, but I struggle with cooking because I lack the talent to invent recipes. Thank goodness I am surrounded by great cooks and one of them is my sister-in-law. She’s kind of a cooking goddess in my eyes because, as a practicing nutritionist, she makes delicious meals that are healthy.

The last time I saw her, she gave Mr. ShuGar and I these tasty raspberry muffins and I fell in love at first bite! I was happy to learn that they are low in sugar, which helps me now with my borderline gestational diabetes. Want to know the best part about this recipe? It’s super duper easy to make!

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I Heart Me


The All You Need is Love Project is a movement to inspire more love on this planet. The more we come together, the more love we can share. Join the revolution here!


Complete the following sentence: I love me because…This may be hard for some of us, but we have to love ourselves before we give love, dontcha think? Share something physical you heart about yourself and another non-physical characteristic which you admire about yourself.

I must admit I felt a little silly writing the title to this post. I’m not used to praising myself in such an outward way. For today’s All You Need is Love Project, this is exactly what we have to do and it feels liberating. It’s interesting because I believe it’s easier to hide behind self-deprication and sarcasm than be more overt about loving ourselves. I do believe this is also a quintessential female experience. We raise our girls to be humble, not bold and proud. That’s what we raise our men to be.

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Dear ShuGar Baby: Very Soon We Will Meet

Blue Wall ShuGar Heart On Belly

 Mommy’s Corner is a weekly series exploring our journey in becoming parents, our love for our ShuGar baby, and general topics related to mommyhood.

Dear ShuGar Boy,

Your birth date is coming real soon. In fact, the doctor says you can enter this world any day now! To prepare for your arrival, your daddy and I have been working real hard to finish up your room, assemble your toys, and clean all your clothes. We’ve gotten help from your abeulitos (grandparents) and your tia (aunt), too. Plus, our friends have also helped along the way. We are very blessed to have all this love and support around us. 

Do you want to know how excited we are to meet you?

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Pink Lady


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Hello, sweet ShuGar Loves! How was your weekend? I hope you were able to enjoy the first few days of Spring. I’ve heard some parts of the States got another snow. So sorry. Here in L.A., the weather was gorgeous and spring is definitely in the air.

For today’s post, I feel like it’s a testament to my transformation when it comes to my taste. I was inspired by my latest pink statement necklace find from Forever 21. I don’t really know when or why, but at some point in my life I swore off of the color pink. It might have been that I was in a phase of trying to challenge society’s perception of what is feminine. Throughout all these years, I stayed away from pink clothes, accessories, or home decor.

My, oh my, how life changes you. I am now a proud pink lover and this post is a testimony of my pink affection. If someone were to ask me what my favorite spring color is for this season it would definitely be pink. Hot pink, soft pink….I love it all! All these items above are on my wish list. Some have even sold out and I do hope they bring them back. By far, my favorite piece is that pink tulle skirt. I think every lady should have a tulle skirt in her closet. It’s classic and very Grace Kelly-esque.

Even though pink is all the rage for me right now, my fave color is still turquoise. It will always rock my world!

What are your thoughts when it comes to the color pink? Love it or hate it? What’s your favorite fashion/decor color?

|1| Givenchy Pink Purse |2| Kate Spade Heart Stud Earrings |3| Asos Pink Oxfords |4| Pink Shades |5| Fab Pink Heels |6| Etsy Vintage Pink Tulle Skirt |7| Kate Spade Vail Dress |Inspiration| Forever 21 Pink Necklace

A Week in the Life: Week 8


A Week in the Life is a photo inspiration series to document every day moments in my ShuGar life.

Hello, sweet loves! TFIF! Thank you for sharing all your comment love for our baby bump photo session. I can’t stop staring at those amazing photos and gushing over them. Oh, and how rad to hear your thoughts about surviving a broken heart. It helps to know love can come into your life once again.

The following photos were taken when anything inspired me. They demonstrate beauty in urban life.

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The Break Up Survival Guide


The All You Need is Love Project is a movement to inspire more love on this planet. The more we come together, the more love we can share. Join the revolution here!

Today’s Love Topic:

Whenever you love, you run the risk of having your heart broken. How have you healed from a broken heart? How did you master the art of forgiveness and letting go of the pain? How did you learn to love again? 

I know this week’s All You Need is Love Project topic may seem like a departure from the previous ones, but I actually don’t see it that way.  No matter who and how you love, there is never a guarantee that your heart won’t be broken at some point. That’s why love is all about trust. You are literally giving someone your heart in his/her hands and trusting they will cherish it forever.

Sometimes life brings us moments of heartache and sadness. A break up can be a very painful experience. I equate it to somewhat of a death – either of a relationship, the trust, the way you look at that person, or your ability to love freely.

How does one survive a break up and find sunshine and love again?

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The ShuGars’ Baby Bump Photo Session


 Mommy’s Corner is a weekly series exploring our journey in becoming parents, our love for our ShuGar baby, and general topics related to mommyhood.

Do I have a treat for all you lovelies today or what?!? I’ve been dying to share with you photos from our maternity photo session and today is that day! I’ll let the pics do most of the talking, but before I do that I want to give a love shout out to our amazingly talented photographer, Erin, from Hello Pinecone Photography.

I am blown away at all the gorgeous photos she took and, more importantly, how kind and sweet she was. Two things I have learned about photography as I have begun to dabble in it a bit. (1) It takes a lot of skill, patience, and talent to take ONE good photo. It is not as easy as it looks. (2) In order for anyone to capture a great photo, the photographer has to have the ability to inspire her subjects. This is certainly a challenging endeavor since many people may not feel so comfortable in front of the camera. That said, Erin embodies both of these requirements masterfully. She is such a doll to work with and has some rad camera talent. Thank you, dearest Erin, for giving us the greatest gift of capturing such a special moment in our lives. We heart you!

Ready to see some luscious photos?

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Award Love


Hello, sweet friends! I apologize for the delay in this post. Things are kind of crazy in the ShuGar household at the moment. We have about three weeks before baby arrives. Eeep! We’re so busy these days with last minute prep. So excited and nervous! Oh, and we were jolted out of bed early morning today by an earthquake. I’m used to them, but they are still scary when you are in a deep sleep and are awaken with your entire house shaking. Anyways, I will say that my blog posts may become more sporadic the closer we get to ShuGar Boy’s arrival and definitely after his debut. I hope you will be patient with me and still stick around to follow ShuGar Love!

Now let’s proceed with the good stuff: I have been nominated for the Liebster Award! My sweet bloggy friend, Julie, from Home is Where the Heart Is has bestowed on me the nomination and I graciously accepted.  Thank you, dearest Julie, for sharing the blog love.

What does the award mean?


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The Love Apron

Mom's-GiftThe All You Need is Love Project is a movement to inspire more love on this planet. The more we come together, the more love we can share. Join the revolution here!


Beauty is all around us. Share a photo of something/someone that captures your heart. It may be an item which represents a special moment/someone in your life. Describe why this photo represents love for you. You can also share throughout social media using hashtag#allyouneedisloveproject.

Hello to all! Thank you for all your kind words regarding my labor fears. You really are so sweet and it makes me smile knowing I have your support.

For today’s All You Need is Love Project, I asked you lovers to share a picture of something/someone that captures your heart. I knew exactly which picture I would share. I’d like to present to you one of my most treasured items I own: An apron my mom hand-made just fo me made with pieces from our wedding runners we had on all the tables.

Why does this capture my heart?

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