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Heart Love


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Hello, sweetest friends! Hope your weekend was filled with happiness. I had a great weekend as I celebrated my sis’ bridal shower. The day was magical and it’s so amazing to see your baby sis all grown up and in love. Mr. ShuGar and I have continued with our home improvement projects and buying more house things for baby and beyond. We spent hours at IKEA. When you enter that store, it’s like a time warp! I can’t wait to share with you what I have been doing with my home decor.

In case you have been living under a rock, Friday is V-Day! I know some people feel it’s a commercialized holiday, which simply encourages more consumerism. I know they are right, but who needs to spend a lot of money share love with someone? We’re actually just exchanging cards this year since we have spent a lot prepping for baby.

As most of you know (it ain’t no secret), I am obsessed with hearts and love. I gravitate when I see hearts anywhere. This post features some heart items I am currently coveting. I love any excuse to have something that makes me smile. These items were all originally inspired by this little boy outfit I found in the middle that I want ShuGar Boy to wear one day for heart day. Isn’t it the cutest ever?

So, go out there and spread some lovin’, y’all!

What kind of gifts do you like to give and/or receive for V-Day?

|1| Heart Ikea Frame |2| Heart Gloves |3| Fab Heart Studs |4| Society 6 Cell Phone Case |5|  Society 6 Heart Clock |6| Heart Gold Pillow |7| Asos Heart Sweater |8| Fab Heart Pots |Inspiration – Heart Boy Outfit|

Mrs. ShuGar Reviews: Her

Her-Frequency- Heart


Hello, hello! I hope you are all excited about the weekend because I sure am. This weekend is my sister’s bridal shower so I just can’t wait to celebrate her next journey with her gal pals. Before I continue, I would like to announce the winner of the ShuGar Love Hearts You Giveaway. And the winner is……

Allison Myers

Allison – please check your email for further details. Thank you to each and every one of you who participated in my first ever giveaway! It was lots of fun and I will have more love stuff planned for this year. This one was extra special since it was to celebrate my 1-year blogiversary. I appreciate all of you who took the time to participate and share the love. I heart you all!

Now, let’s talk movies. Every once in a great while there comes a film that is like no other. It reminds us of nothing in the past because it is truly a creative piece of art. This movie is Her.

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Besties As Time Goes By


As time goes by, life has a funny way of teaching you things. I have been pondering about one of them lately. It probably has something to do with me just reevaluating my life at this point as it is about to drastically change with ShuGar Boy coming soon. Have you ever noticed how your friendships change the older you get and the more life experiences you have?

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ShuGar Baby Monthly Update: Week 30



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I cannot believe this, but I am 3/4 done with my pregnancy! What? Where did the time go? Can I have an extra trimester to prepare for ShuGar Boy’s arrival? I’m kidding. I’m ready to get my body back or some version of what it was back, at least initially. It’s just incredible how much the time has passed so quickly.

(Psst…don’t forget to enter my 1-year blogiversary “ShuGar Love Hearts You Giveaway!” One more day left to get some love in the mail!)

My 30 weeks update begins below:

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Preggo Layering Fashion


ShuGar Fix Mondays is a weekly inspiration series because Mondays deserve an extra dose of pretty. For more ShuGar Fix Mondays, click here!  

Hello, sweet lovelies! It’s the first Monday of February. Seriously, where did the time go? I remember talking with you about New Year’s resolutions (which we need to follow up on some time later). I hope you all had a fun weekend. We spent the majority of the time cleaning house by putting everything away we had moved out of the rooms that had wooden floors installed. This whole process reminds me how much I hate moving; boxes everywhere is not my idea of relaxing.

A few weeks ago, I got an email from a fellow fashionista blogger, named Janelle, who blogs at Confessions of a Fashion Stylist, owner of the official blog of Sasha Bowman, personal stylist and image consultant. She asked if I wanted to share my version of the “La Mere Layering Technique” and, or course, I jumped at the chance to do another fashion post!

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