A Door to Our Soul


Hello, sweet friends! We have now officially moved out of our house temporarily for the wooden floor installation. It’s actually happening! Eeep! ShuGar Boy is going to have a whole new floor to play on. We’ll be bouncing around hotels and my parents’ house for the next few days waiting for the fumes to subside. In the meantime, let’s talk about life and all that jazz =)

As I have mentioned before, I have a thing for photographing doors. I’ve always been fascinated by the craftsmanship in a door, but also what it symbolizes for a home (and for life).


If you think about it, every door has its own unique style. Not one door looks or sounds the same. They are literally the entry into someone’s home and they also reflect the personality of the house. I’ve been a fan of colored doors for ages as I feel they can make a strong statement about your house and you. We currently have a door with a beautiful stained glass window, but, if money were plentiful, I’d change it to a bold color with nice trimming. Or, if Mr. ShuGar would let me, I’d have this heart door. Dreamy!

The beauty in a door also lies in the fact that you really can’t tell what lies inside the door from the outside. It may be a palace indoors, but you would never know from a shabby, rustic door. As much as we want to judge from the outside, the inside remains a mystery….until you turn the knob and walk in.



Carmel Blue Door

The photos of the doors in this post were taken during our baby moon up the coast of California’s Pacific Coast Highway. You can already see the eclectic nature of each door, all with its own set of distinct, funky features. Some may be simple, while others scream with flashier colors. The rustic door in the cover photo was actually the only thing left from a complete demolition of the house, since tradition calls for the homeowners to keep something from the old house. I think they made a wise choice.

I can’t help but think my fascination with doors reflects my inquisitive nature when it comes to people. One of my fave things to do is people watch. In L.A., it’s easy to do since we have such a diverse population. People’s clothes, their accessories, their hair, all these physical objects tell someone’s story, to a certain extent. You would be a liar if you said you never judge. We all judge; it’s human nature. Like doors, we run the gamut in regards to how we represent ourselves physically. We tell the story of who we are or how we are feeling by our outfits, etc.

Yet, do these things tell the whole story? I am a fashion fanatic because I love how a cute outfit makes me feel. I have an eclectic sense of style, which, indeed, does reflect my spunky personality. However, there are those that dress so casually, but have this amazing personality which captivates you the minute you begin talking to them. We just need to open our mouths (or turn the knob) and discover the soul of a person. Many times, our souls are more beautiful and complex than any door can capture. Let’s make an effort to turn that knob the next time we find ourselves making judgments. You never know if there is a palace inside there.

P.S. I heart Drew Barrymore’s new heart photo book Find It In Everything. I think I will try to capture hearts in everything, too.

Photo credit: Carmen Garcia-Shushtari

  • Those doors at the top are beautiful- such character! I love to photograph doors and gates and entryways, too. We have that people watching thing in common; that’s part of why I love NY!

    • Thanks, Christy! I heart them, too. Oh, NY is just like L.A. for people watching. I can do it at a cafe for hours. So much to see and it never gets boring =)

  • Beautiful analogy. I always believe that doors have something magical and mysterious. l love that you never know what you will find inside home, the door is just a layer.

    • Well said, Elba! That’s what I think so too. You just never know what is behind that door. It’s just one piece of the onion, but a beautiful fixture nonetheless =)