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Boy, oh boy (no pun intended), I am so excited to reveal my first collaborative post with some pretty awesome bloggers! This post was inspired by all the beautiful comments, messages, and overall love you sent me regarding my pregnancy woes. I’ve decided to reevaluate this whole mommy-to-be journey and attempt a more positive perspective moving forward, at least I will try real hard to do this. After all, I am human (as we all are) and we all have our moments and our breaking points.

I present to you the unexpected joys of carrying a human being in your belly! Yes, you read it right. So much has been talked about regarding the inconveniences of being preggo, and trust me they are true. However, there’s this other less-talked-about side we mommies-to-be experience, which makes this entire experience kind of rad! I would even say magical. Would you agree, mamas? Don’t take my word for it. Below are a series of fun, insightful, and genuinely sweet thoughts on how it feels to have a beautiful baby growing inside of our bodies.  This post is a collaboration with these sweet mama bloggers who rock my world (in no particular order):

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I will weave my experiences among the other amazing mama bloggers. I asked these ladies,”What are some of the positives of being preggo?” They said…

Baby Movements Send Your Heart a Flutter


  • La Maman Heureuse: The biggest plus and the one I miss most, is feeling this tiny (and later not so tiny) babe move inside you. At first it’s just a small flutter, the movement of tiny butterfly wings or little soap bubbles exploding inside of you. Later that gets replaced by rolling, kicking, punching your ribs (ouch) and seeing little hands or feet magically appear and disappear. I’ve never been more in awe and filled with fascination for the human body than at those times. It’s truly magical!
  • Sunny With a Chance of Lemons: I’m currently just past halfway through my pregnancy, and everyday I feel more & more connected to the little boy within me. I absolutely love feeling him dance and kick!
  • La Belle Fabuleuse: Feeling the baby kick, move, hiccup
  • Mrs. ShuGar: You can’t help but giggle every time you feel your little one move. At this point, he is still doing tiny movements, but they are so special. It’s as if he is communicating with you in a special language only you and him understand. Every kick makes your heart skip a beat!

 A Special Bond Like No Other


  • La Belle Fabuleuse: Hearing the heart beat at appointments, Going to sonogram appointments
  • Mrs. ShuGar: You love this little person inside of you the moment you discover you are pregnant. It’s like you have a new BFF and you would do anything to protect and care for this little one. He is with you at every moment of the day – while you drive to work, take a shower, watch tv, and sleep. The connection becomes stronger as the months pass and you can’t imagine what it will feel like to shower him with kisses.
  • Sunny With a Chance of Lemons: I know raising this baby won’t be easy, but he has already given my life more love than I ever could have imagined.
  • La Maman Heureuse: You always carry love with you 🙂 while holding them in your arms for the first time is something every new mama longs for after 9 long and sometimes enduring months, have them so close, nestled under your mama heart is something so special that you have to experience it to understand.
  • La Maman Heureuse: You always have a little sidekick with you, a Robin/Batgirl to your Batmama. As they grow more and bigger, the concept of having a baby inside of you becomes a whole lot more tangible and you get an interaction with your little one that makes you long for him or her even more. It’s a special relationship you build up and through these 9 months you get this bond and idea of how they will be. I would always wonder if I would know her if she was born, cause suddenly you are not one anymore and they become their own little person. After a few hours I realized I knew her all along and she was the same girl I would love in and outside my belly.
  • La Maman Heureuse: Getting them to interact with you while talking/dancing/reading out loud.

Love Your Lady Lumps


  • Mrs. ShuGar: I never really gave it much thought how much pressure we women have to strive for the perfect body. It’s so ingrained in our female psyche that we don’t even question it when we look into the mirror. With a baby bump, you embrace the curves, the boobies, the jelly…all of it! And, the best part is you are not the only one. People love to see you get lumpier and bumpier! There’s a sense of liberation that makes me feel sad for all women who struggle with body image issues. We seem to be oppressed by our own bodies and being pregnant is a “Get out of skinny expectations” jail free card. Mr. ShuGar told me yesterday he thinks I’ve never looked sexier. Love him!
  • Sunny With a Chance of Lemons: Perhaps my favorite part of my growing belly is how different I feel personally. I am more alive & connected to my true self than I ever have before. Pregnancy has granted me permission to feel purposeful in my life, to love my body and to love myself.
  • In Among the Heather: Pregnancy for me [was] the first time in my life where I felt no body shame. I was so proud of my shape. I felt beautiful. I researched pregnancy and learned so much about my body and what it was capable of. It was empowering and educational.  [I] suddenly felt no guilt or shame about taking care of myself (not pushing myself too hard, eating better, sitting when I needed to, etc.)
  • La Maman Heureuse: It’s the one time that having a basketball attached to your body is acceptable and even considered cute/adorable/gorgeous LOL
  • La Maman Heureuse: It makes you love your body in all its shapes even more cause it does the most amazing thing ever: creating a new life
  • La Maman Heureuse: If you got it, flaunt it. I’m not one of those girls who like to wear skintight clothes ever , but while I was pregnant, I just loved accentuating my little belly and showing it off. I never felt more feminine than during that times. I always joke that it took me being pregnant to experiment with fashion and be more daring in my choices! Being a mama made me a whole lot more fashion forward!

Good Vibes from Everyone


  • La Belle Fabuleuse: [You get] all the good attention from everyone.
  • La Belle Fabuleuse: [You are] feeling more connecting to your significant other
  • Mrs. ShuGar: I love what pregnancy does to people I know and people who are strangers. It’s like fairy dust! Living in L.A. where we don’t generally greet strangers, I am in awe at the amount of good will shown to me because of my baby bump. People automatically smile when they see me, open doors, start conversations in elevators, and, my favorite, feel genuinely happy for me.  One of my gym sisters told me that she wants to touch my belly so that some of the magic can rub off on her. How sweet is that!

Indulging in the Pregnancy


  • Mrs. ShuGar: I’m not necessarily talking about food, but, instead, about the entire nine-month process of carrying a child inside of you.  It’s kind of fun shopping for furniture, redesigning a room in your house, planning a baby shower, and eating (sensibly) what you love.
  • Mrs. ShuGar: I am loving shopping for maternity clothes! I want to show off the baby bump to the world. There’s such cute fashion out there. Dying over it!
  • La Belle Fabuleuse: Planning the nursery and buying the clothes
  • La Belle Fabuleuse: Doing the registry
  • La Belle Fabuleuse: Food cravings


Isn’t it kind of neat to think about this female experience and what we go through in these special nine months? Ultimately, I feel honored, blessed, and jubilant that I am carrying ShuGar boy in my tummy.

What was your pregnancy like? Do you remember only the good times? If you have never been pregnant, what thoughts do you have about pregnancy?

Finally, I’d like to conclude by expressing a HUGE thank you to my mama blog contributors for taking the time out of their busy mommy lives to share their thoughts. You ladies are my treasures and I am so lucky to have you in my blog life.  For more information about my blog contributors, please read below.

Kristen from Sunny With a Chance of Lemons – I’m blogging about my first pregnancy, becoming a new parent, fun with family, living healthily & choosing happiness.

Cindy from La Maman Heureuse – La Maman Heureuse is French for the happy mama. Blogging about life as a mama with a little girl in Belgium and everything in between.

Heather from In Among the Heather – I’m a 30 something Canadian mother of one. I am crafty by nature and I love art in many forms. My life is lived with music constantly playing and a book in my hand.

La Belle Fabuleuse – Fashion Lover. Handbag Addict. Covets Louboutin shoes and Balenciaga bags. Loves all things McQueen. I post what I love.

  • La Maman Heureuse

    I love how this turned out! So happy to be part of it and to read the other mama’s memories too! It’s such a great time and one of my greatest memories!.Love that I get to relive some of those memories by following along with your pregnancy and be a part of your journey to being a mama!

    • Thanks, mama! You all inspired me as I read about how it is to be a mama. You get me so excited to begin this next journey. I appreciate all your insight and the time you took to write this. You’re just soooo sweet! I hope to be a mama just like you.

  • Baby Teems

    This was cute. 🙂

    • Thanks so very much! These ladies are amazing!

  • A Slightly Twisted Fairy Tale

    I love the positivity! I love the pregnant-mama love! Sometimes I think we get addicted to complaining and harping on the negative (which sometimes is necessary!) that we forget the “Wow! This is actually pretty incredible that my body is this amazing!” moments. Thank you for highliting them. I also love how you put all these awesome blogger mamas in conversation with one another in this post. Great work Mrs. Shugar!

    • You are so right. It’s sometimes easier to complain than look at what the positive is. It’s a stress reliever to rant, but I agree that we have to cherish the amazing moments. I have these awesome mama bloggers to thank you for their insight. They are so sweet! I’m so happy you liked it. Thank you for commenting and visiting =)

  • kgstyle

    I’ve always had such horrible pregnancies so unfortunately, I found this article a little too late since I am no longer willing or able to conceive. I hated being pregnant. Everything about it. Sometimes while pregnant, I would wish i was no longer. Regular doctor appointments would turn into overnight stays and while the baby’s were always healthy, I suffered and endured too many ills. I did like though the attention from the hubs…and feeling them move but everything else was BLAH!! ;0

    Cute post none the less..I’m hopping on over to your friends now.


    • I am so sorry to hear you had a difficult pregnancy. I know that is also common and it is so hard on our bodies. You poor thing. It’s amazing what women endure to give life. I admire you for that. I have been lucky so far that everything has been pretty manageable and easy. I don’t know why it’s been this way, but I do count my lucky stars. Thanks for checking out these ladies! They are worth following!

      • kgstyle

        Thanks. i just can’t believe i did it twice…

        • You are my hero, Khloe! I think it’s a testament to how amazing the love for children is if you were willing to do it twice.

          • kgstyle

            So very true! Didn’t even look at it that way,,,

  • Danielle

    Such a good idea to focus on the positive aspects rather than the negative concerning pregnancy! 🙂 And you have such a cute bump! Thanks for stopping by my blog’re right, it’s so nice to connect with other preggo bloggers 🙂

    • Thanks, sweet Danielle! I’m loving my curves and the bump. I love that you are another preggo blogger. Yay to mama bloggers! I appreciate you visiting =)