Some Question Things

The above photo made you laugh, didn’t it? I hope it did because I had a mini-LOL moment myself.  By now, my sweet readers, you know I am a nerd-at-heart and am proud of it. One of my nerdastic characteristics is my introspective nature. You’ve probably already noticed that in my blog posts. I love to ask questions that don’t necessarily have any answers. I think I’ve been like this since I was a little tiny tot. I’m just fascinated with life and the many unanswered questions we sometimes don’t pay attention to on a daily basis.

Want a glimpse into the questions floating in my brain?

  • Why is there always tiny, crummy pieces at the bottom of every cereal box? Is there someone who purposely smashes these bits into tiny ones or are they being thrown around like luggage on a conveyor belt?


  • What REALLY is the fascination with Kim Kardashian? I don’t watch her show, but I know tons of millions of people do.  Though she gets a lot of criticism, she clearly has lot of fans so someone out there likes her. Was it the sex tape? Her high-pitched voice?


  • {For people who live or have lived in LA} What happens to you when you get behind the wheel and turn into another person? Specifically, I am referring to those people who love to ride your tail and swerve around you. Also, I am asking about those who are nice in person, but become maniacs while driving and even have road rage? What’s up with that? You do realize there are actually living, human beings behind the wheel of that car you almost hit, right?


  • Why does Trader Joe’s always run out of food every Sunday night? It’s no secret that that’s when everyone does the majority of their food shopping. Why can’t they anticipate this and fully stock the store for that day?


  • What does the heart look like when you are in love? It’s such a powerful emotion that takes over your entire being, but what are the biological and physical manifestations of loving someone with every inch of your body?


  • What’s with tv anchors filling up transitions with awkward conversations where they clearly look uncomfortable or we, as the viewers, have absolutely no interest in listening to? It’s always funny to hear what they will say in between a tragic and funny story.


  • Why can’t all celebrities be like Jennifer Lawrence? I mean, watch her here.  She’s just too cute not to love. Are most celebrities told to read canned responses during interviews? Jennifer Lawrence makes you smile every time with her authenticity.


  • Why do people complain about holiday shopping starting too early, then go right out and secretly buy their holiday gifts? Don’t they know that kind of fuels the problem?


  • Is having Christmas music on the radio early all that bad? Can’t you just listen to something on your ipod or just change the station?


Do any of my wise readers have any answers to my questions? Do you have any questions that you love to ponder on? What are they? Please tell me I am not the only crazy one!

Happy weekend, sweet lovelies!

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  • kgstyle

    1. I believe it has to do with size. When it’s crumbled, they fall through all the cracks that the bigger ones leave. Let’s hope I’m right.

    2. I love Kimmy. I love Khloe more because she’s so real but I think my fascination with her is that she has a body much like mine and knows how to work with it. Her voice is a bit annoying at times but I can’t help but to love her and her crazy family anyway. She really is a hardworking woman. Really. she is!

    I don’t know about the others. Don’t even know who Jennifer Lawrence is but i love Will Smith and Jada. They are so authentic. Oh and Ellen! She’s a beautiful person.

    My questions:
    Why are fat chance and slim chance the same thing?
    Why do people often confuse two, too, and to – there and their, and then and than? it’s just so annoying.
    Who made up the word lisp and why add an “s” in it? That’s just mean.

    I’m sure i have more questions but I won’t bombard your post. 🙂


    • Haha! Thanks for your awesome answers. My responses below.

      (1) Ah-ha! This theory makes sense.
      (2) I think Khloe is the only one who I can tolerate. I guess I was just wondering what the fascination is with the whole Kardashians since they don’t really do anything, but allow for cameras to be in their lives. Maybe I should watch an entire show to try to figure it out!

      Love Ellen! You can see Jennifer Lawrence in “Silver Linings Playbook.” What a great film!

      Now, let me try to answer yours.

      -Ha! Good one. Maybe because both are extremes?
      -Oh my gosh….big pet peeve! I used to teach English and I would always tell my students to be mindful of these differences. Come on! People need to pay attention to grammar because it’s really not that hard if you care.
      -I have thought about that same “lisp” question! So cruel! You made me laugh =)

      Oh, I have more too! I could blog about this for days.