Remember to Remember

Hi ShuGar readers! I hope you are all enjoying your week. Almost TGIF!

Someone told me this phrase this week and it kind of stuck.

Remember to Remember

Life if filled to the brim with things to do, people to see, food to cook, rooms to clean and places to go.  However, what if we just take a daily mini-break and remember to remember what life is all about.

  • Remember to remember the beauty of every sunrise and sunset. One sunset is never the same from the last. Look up and soak it in.
  • Remember to remember to leave your work at work. There’s always tomorrow to tackle the pile of stuff to do.
  • Remember to remember not everyone is happy. This is why people are sometimes unkind. However, no one can take away your happiness, but you.
  • Remember to remember the taste of your favorite meal. Savor each and every bite. Indulge in each mouthful.
  • Remember to remember the gift of love. Do not take it for granted. How do you know it will be there tomorrow? Cherish it.
  • Remember to remember to spend quality time with your partner. I know there are a million errands to run and bills to pay, but stop for a bit. Go to dinner. Watch a movie. Relationships need to be cared for.
  • Remember to remember it’s not healthy being envious of someone on the internet. Before we only looked at our neighbors when thinking the grass is greener.  Now, thanks to social media, we see the grass of  everyone around the world.  You are merely seeing their lives in one-dimension.  Your life is sweet and cannot be fully captured with an instagram filter.
  • Remember to follow your heart, no matter how arduous the path may be.  Your passion will give you beautiful satisfaction throughout the entire process, if you remember.
  • Remember to remember blogging is about sharing your heart, not about giveaways, subscribers, stats or other distractions. Just write your little heart out.

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