Halloween Couples


|1|  Moonrise Kingdom Costume  |2|  Beetlejuice Costume  |3|  Alice and the White Rabbit Costume  |4|  Mary Poppins Costume  |5|  Bandits Costume

It ain’t no secret I am Hallowen fanatic. Just because I am adult, it doesn’t mean I have to stop being a child-at-heart. Plus, who doesn’t want an excuse to dress up, have fun, be creative and fantasize about being somewhat you are not for only a day?  Since my sweet Mr. ShuGar allows me to be this Halloween nerd, we like to dress up in couple’s costumes.  I am lucky that Mr. ShuGar appreciates being silly.

Last year, he was a nerd and was his nerdette, with a blouse that said, “I love my nerd.”  I can’t just pick any costume because Mr. ShuGar has to be down with it.  Above are some fun and creative DIY couple’s costumes that aren’t too expensive or complicated.  Plus, I think your man wouldn’t be hesitant in dressing up in these. I am obsessed with the Beetlejuice one! Although, I don’t know if Mr. ShuGar would put all that makeup on. Isn’t the Mary Poppins and Bert costume divine? I heart it! Oh, and that Moonrise Kingdom costume so sweet. One of my fave movies from last year.

Do you have any creative costumes you like?

Hugs, all!

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