Some LA Fall Things


It ain’t no secret that Los Angeles isn’t really known for its change of seasons. Mr. ShuGar says this is the one thing that he misses from growing up in Michigan. Nonetheless, there are some LA fall things which I cherish, even though they may pale in comparison to the rest of the country’s beautiful changes of color.


  • The Ocean Air Smells Different – I live a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean and it has its distinct smell every season. For Fall, it’s crisper and stronger, especially in the morning. The marina fog stays longer these mornings and you can actually “see” the fall ocean air. When you leave for work, it hugs you.


  • LA Fall Fashion – I know it may not be colder for most, but for me I can certainly feel it. This calls for me to bring out my cute scarves and hats. They don’t keep you too warm because, after all, it’s not that chilly. Yet, you see LA fashionistas bust out with their version of Fall fashion and it’s fun to see. Scarves and hats are the perfect accessories to welcome this LA season.


  • Night Walks – The average Fall night looks so beautiful and serene. We take occasional walks late night to enjoy the quiet of the city. There’s a deeper darkness in the sky. It’s mesmerizing.


  • Movie Nights – It’s as if the weather tells all of us to go see movies. This time of year Mr. ShuGar and I make a point of going to the movie theater and seeing the latest flick. It’s no coincidence that the Oscar-worthy films are out at this time. It’s so much fun to begin to see the contenders. Angelenos take their movies very seriously, at least in the theaters we go to. People clap, laugh, recite lines…it’s quite the movie-going experience! I jump at the chance of seeing The Shining in any public venue!


  • Blue Blanket Time – Mr. ShuGar and I unwind every day by watching some TV in the evenings. I’m sure everyone has a similar routine. Something I love to do in the Fall is cuddle up next to him with my fuzzy blue blanket while enjoying trashy TV. We only unveil this blanket when Fall comes and I love how it feels against my skin, so soft & cozy.


  • Halloween Neighborhood Fun – I am so impressed with my neighborhood’s Halloween spirit. Mr. ShuGar and I drove around last weekend and stumbled upon some rad Halloween decorations. Check out my instagram to see what we saw. It was scary good! I love seeing people really take Halloween seriously. We always get a bunch of cute trick-or-treaters and it’s one of my favorite days of the year.

What do you love about Fall in your city? How does it make you feel?

I send everyone a warm, Fall hug!

Photo credit: Sweater Weather

  • kgstyle

    Makes me want to visit LA now more than ever.
    The Fall in my old hometown NY was so beautiful with all its falling leaves and changing colors. I used to love to go to Central Park and take pics.The only downside – it turned cold really fast…sometimes it used to skip the Fall and go straight into Winter.Today it is 46 degrees there.

    Here in Florida, Fall is just gorgeous! 70 degree weather.Comfortable..sunny more rain! Rainy season past us..just lovey!!


    • Wow! NYC Fall sounds gorgeous, minus the gold around the corner. I guess it comes with its positives & negatives. Florida’s fall must be similar to LA’s fall. It’s nice, but just different from what you probably experienced in NYC. We really can’t complain about the weather, right? =)

      • kgstyle

        We really can’t! 🙂

  • PS

    Scary neighbors! Love that decor!

  • warm blue blanket sounds so cozy! i love seeing all the fall and halloween decorations around the neighborhood as well. sooooo many pumpkins! 🙂

    • Thanks, sweet Jane. I am obsessed with all your pics. You really capture Fall so beautifully. Cozy blankets and halloween decorations are my fave things about the change in weather. Hugs, girlie!

  • Kristen Genevieve

    So great that you made a post appreciating life in this moment. Love 🙂
    I grew up in the midwest like your husband, and rarely went to the ocean as a kid. Now, I live in Boston a few miles the ocean, and during my first trimester I HATED the smell of the sea breeze! Its much better now that its fall and more crisp, very true. So funny! 🙂
    xo kristen genevieve
    sunny bloglovin

    • Thanks, Kristen. It’s nice to step back and appreciate the world around you, even if it’s a nontraditional one. You can totally appreciate the ocean smell I’m talking about. It can be strong, but luckily this smell hasn’t affected me. The midwest is gorgeous and still no Fall will compare to that! =)