A ShuGar Announcement

A ShuGar Announcement

A ShuGar Announcement

Dearest ShuGar Lovelies,

I am happy to share with you this video message from the ShuGars.  We made it with love and we hope you enjoy it! Once you finish watching, please continue reading below.

Yes! We’re having a ShuGar Baby!!!!!!!!!!!! I still can’t believe this dream of ours has come true, but it has. We feel so blessed for the little miracle growing in my tummy. It’s a magical time for the ShuGars.

I remember when I was contemplating starting a blog I told Mr. ShuGar one of the motivating factors was to share our journey to become parents. We had a bit of a rocky road ahead of us conceiving so I wanted to chronicle what that felt like. Plus, I have never been one of those women who said since they were young, “I want to me a mom of five children.”  That has never been me. In fact, in my 20’s I never thought I’d ever get married, let alone actually have a baby!

It was falling in love with Mr. ShuGar which changed my entire life. I knew I wanted to be a mother because he would make an amazing father.  It is a true love partnership that has motivated me to become a parent. I share this with my readers so that you know that this is all very new to me.  I started this blog to describe my dream of becoming a mama, which may be unconventional for many.  I don’t want people to feel the guilt I felt when women around me gushed about become mothers.  I never felt that, until now.

I share this with all of you so that you understand everyone has a different road in life.  Not all will feel the same feelings at the same time or ever.  It’s ok to be different.  It makes us uniquely beautiful.

And with that, I give you all our love with this announcement. I must thank our dearest friend, Jim Pease, who shot our video announcement.  He is an uber-talented photographer/filmmaker who patiently filmed us sharing our ShuGar baby news.  He was so sweet throughout the whole process and was able to keep it a secret.  If you are ever looking for an amazing photographer, I highly recommend our sweet friend, Jim Pease.

I cannot stop smiling because we are the happiest people on earth.  I just can’t wait to hold our ShuGar and tell the baby, “We love you.”

ACup of ShuGar is a series exploring the sweetness of life. For more Cup of ShuGar, click here.

Video credit: Jim Pease


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  • Congratulations!!! What fantastic news! Your video was sweet and amazing and put a huge smile on my face 😀

    • Thanks so very much! So happy you liked it. It makes me smile & gets me so excited every time.

  • oh my gosh! congratulations! this is such a cute video!

    • Thanks, sweet Jane! We had such a blast filming it. It helps when you are so happy to share the news with everyone =)

  • Elba Valverde

    Cutest video ever!! Congratulations guys. Enjoy every second of this new adventure. Xo xo

    • Thanks, sweet Elba! It is indeed an exciting adventure & we are so happy!

  • Amy @ Long Drive Journey

    Congratulations!! So happy for you!

    • Thanks so very much, Amy! I just can’t stop smiling!!!!!

  • Planning for Paris

    I LOVE this!! A huge congratulations to both of you! Enjoy this new chapter!!!

    • Thanks, sweet friend! I still can’t believe it. We are so blessed. I can’t wait to embark on this new life! Thank you for stopping by =)