Live Your Life with Love

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I tweeted this last night:

The older I get, the more I realize some things don’t happen for a reason. They just happen & there is no explanation as to why.

We received some devastating news about someone we love just a few days ago.  We are heartbroken. I have no words to describe the feelings, but I will try my best.  Rather than divulge any personal details, I’d prefer to share what I have learned.

Live your life with love. Now.  You don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  That in it of itself is the beauty/scariness of life.  We get so busy with our routines.  We rush to the bank, swerve through traffic, partially listen through conversations, and forget to say I love you because life is busy.  Well, I say, stop the madness. Live every day with love. Cherish all moments because even the bad ones can be seen as gifts.

Another lesson I have learned the older I get is the power of family.  In moments of happiness and in moments of despair, you can count on your family to be there through it all. This is what matters in life.  All the rest is worthless.

I challenge everyone to reframe your attitudes when it comes to life and its many challenges. It’s more fulfilling to live a life of love than that of regret, jealousy and hatred.

Do you see the sun or the moon out there? It’s telling you that you are alive. Go out there and live it. What are you waiting for?

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