Some Nerdy Things

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Hello dear friends! We’ve reached the middle of the week. Yahoo! In the spirit of hump day, I’d like to divulge some of my nerdiness all in good fun. I am a nerd and darn proud of it.  In fact, I miss wearing my glasses after I had Lasik surgery.  It made me look smarter and cuter.

Did you know…

Nerd Confession #1: I Love Lucy Obsessed

Oh yes, I can give you the entire Vitameatavegamin scene in one take.  “Are you tired run-down listless? Do you poop out at parties?  Are you unpopular? The answer to all your questions is in this little bottle.”  My mom loved watching I Love Lucy so my sister and I grew up laughing to the antics of this crazy red head.  I don’t care if I’ve seen the episode 100 times.  If it ‘s playing on TV, I’ll stop everything to watch it once again.  I crack up every time!

Nerd Confession #2:  Ballet Daydreamer


In another life, I feel I was a dancer.  I took ballet when I was a child, but, unfortunately, gave it up when we were going to begin on pointe.   Years later, my ballet daydreaming began to compensate for this loss.  When I am home and there is no one in sight, I put on a classical music cd and begin to do plies and arabesques as if I were performing at Lincoln Center.

Nerd Confession #3:  Swallowing Pills Phobia


I know this makes me look more like a child, than a nerd, but it’s true either way.  I detest swallowing pills.  I have a mental block, which deters me from being able to take a pill, especially those horse pills ones.  I am mortified of the moment when the doctor gives me a prescription with pills involved.  I immediately begin to wonder, “How am I actually going to do this?”  Still haven’t outgrown this one.

Nerd Confession #4:  Forever a Student


Ever since I can remember, I loved being in school.  I admit it – I kinda wanted to be the teacher’s pet.   I have actually always enjoyed reading, doing homework and learning.  It’s still true till this day.  I am passionate about seeking ways to be better informed and improve my expertise.  I never want to be stagnant; learning is a lifetime dedication.  I miss being in a classroom and reading the material.  It stimulates me and I love the concept of working hard to receive an award at the end.

Nerd Confession #5: Nap Time with Ma

I am 35 years old, but I’m not too old to be on a bed with my ma as she reads me a story in Spanish.  In about five minutes, I knock out completely.  Only my ma can put me in such a relaxed state with her presence and voice.  I adore taking naps with her.  When I take naps with my ma, I probably revert back to when I was five years old, but it feels oh so good.

So, now it’s your turn! What’s your inner nerd say about you?

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  • Hi carmen! This confessions are great.
    I loved being in school too. Oops I confessed 😉

  • RC

    Life-long learner here too! And those glasses are adorns.

    • Woohoo! I miss wearing my glasses. So cute!

  • RC

    Adorbs too