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Mrs. ShuGar’s Snapshots: Photo Reality Check

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you think you are all that and a bag of chips, the big cheese, the sh*t, the most awesome person ever etc. and then SNAP, reality hits you in the face?  Well, I had this happen to me this week.  I was still on cloud nine after my glowing review of my “color” photos from my photography teacher.  He hadn’t had time to critique our past two homework assignments until this week.  One of the homework assignments was about shadows and the other was about taking photos to practice the depth of field (the length of focus of images in the background & foreground).

I knew I had struggled with the depth of field photos, but my photography teacher pretty much confirmed that I am still a beginner and I need to practice more.  It was so hilarious because the moment my pictures were projected on the screen for all to observe, he gasped, “What the hell is this?”  Clearly, I was confused and lost with this week’s assignment.  He also didn’t have many nice things to say about my previous shadow photos.  In short, my past two homework assignments were epic fails!  Now, my teacher is very spunky and sarcastic, so it was all in good fun.  He served me a big chunk of humble pie.

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A Cup of ShuGar: Blog Happiness


I haven’t been blogging for too long, but I’ve been dreaming about writing ever since I was a little girl.  I can remember writing short stories in elementary school and feeling immensely proud when my pen was moving across the page.   I recall writing one story about a bear on that elementary school paper with the handwriting lines and feeling on top of the world.  My mom still has that story.

I have been asked many times why I blog by my family and friends.  Even though it seems like everyone is a blogger these days, this is a valid question since it may not sound appealing to some or it just may be really intriguing to others.  My answer to this consistent question is always the same:  I write because it makes me happy.  It’s simple, direct and profoundly true.  When I write, I feel whole.

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A Cup of ShuGar: Marriage is the Best Work

When I contemplated starting my own blog years ago, I knew I wanted to explore the institution of marriage.  After all, it’s one of our oldest traditions revered by many, yet it’s constantly evolving due to cultural shifts.  One of the reasons I am inspired to blog is to share my insights about what I have learned and what I have yet to learn about being married. At the same time, I welcome hearing from others about their own marital journeys. I am hoping to add my own twist on the marriage discussion.  Hence, my ShuGar Love Blog was born – a blog dedicated to my love for Mr. ShuGar and beyond.

I am still a newlywed, so I do not claim to know the secrets to a successful, long-lasting marriage.  Frankly, I question the existence of a magic formula for everlasting love; everyone’s relationship is uniquely complicated.  According to a recent article in The Huffington Post, over the years married couples avoid conflict by changing the subject at the emergence of a disagreement.  After many years of marriage, couples prefer to stay in neutral territory to keep the peace.  I don’t believe there is anything wrong with this helpful tip, but Mr. ShuGar and I prefer a different approach.

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ShuGar Fix Mondays: Sea of Love

|1| Merona Floppy Hat  |2|  Navy Anchor Earrings  |3| Cream Scallop Swimsuit  |4| Aqua Art  |5| Roslyn Top  |6| Beach Bag  |Summer Lovin’ Inspiration|

Happy Monday ShuGar readers! Since summer is in full swing, I thought it would be fun to do a summer mood board inspired by the Summer Lovin’ art piece in the middle (insert John Travolta & Olivia Newton John singing). I’d like to start a new feature on the blog dedicated to my blog’s theme of Love called ShuGar Fix Mondays. We all know Mondays can be particularly challenging, so I like the idea of adding some much-needed sweetness to the beginning of our work week. I will be posting pretty inspirations to help get our work week started in a sweet way!

When I think of summer, I think of the movie Grease and also of this Sea of Love cover by Cat Power.




I am practicing letting life flow through me and not letting the negative things stick, much like waves in the ocean. I want to be someone that let’s things go and is able to embrace all the complexities of life. What better time to do it than summertime! These pieces above all evoke a sense of summer and hopefully give you a dose of pretty ShuGar for your Monday.

Mrs. ShuGar’s Snapshots: Photography Homework #2

Hi ShuGar Love readers! I hope you had a festive 4th of July.  We sure did.  We celebrated by buying a new car. I can’t think of anything more American than that!

As a child, I was afraid of shadows. I always associated shadows with ghosts, demons and anything else I was scared of (remember the movie Ghost?).  Well, for my second photography class assignment, I was challenged to conquer my fear.  Much like last week’s homework, we were instructed to take six photos where 60% or more of the frame consisted of natural shadows.  The reality of the shadow should only appear slightly or not at all in each picture. The purpose of the assignment is to photograph shadows in a unique, not boring, way with interesting angles and textures.

I don’t know if this sounds easy to you, but it was far from it!

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Mrs. ShuGar’s Movie Review: Safety Not Guaranteed

If you could go back in time, would you do it? If yes, when would you want to go back? Would you want to shimmy in a flapper dress in the roaring 20’s or would you prefer to have a drink with the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen? The possibilities are endless, if you are so willing to let your imagination go.

As you know, Mr. ShuGar is a filmmaker and I love indie films.  We’re a match made in celluloid heaven! We both love discovering hidden movie gems or (re)appreciating movie classics.

Warning: Nerd alert confession! Mr. ShuGar and I enjoy watching Maltin on Movies on the Reelz Channel on a Friday night.  It’s our weekly dose of what’s hot and what’s not in the movie world.  This is how we discovered this indie rom com Safety Not Guaranteed.  From the producers of Little Miss Sunshine, Safety Not Guaranteed is a film about time travel, but it’s nothing like Back to the Future (one of my childhood obsessions).  It’s a movie about the quirkiness of love – perfect for someone like me!

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Things are Just Things

Happy Monday, lovely readers! I hope you had a nice weekend.  Mine was off the charts as I celebrated turning 35 with my loved ones. It was an epic birthday filled with love.  I am blessed beyond measure.

It was also a monumental weekend because of an event — which at first appeared superficial, but ended up being very profound.  I sold my car after having driven it for sixteen years! I didn’t sell it because it broke down or anything even remotely close to that.  It was just time.  My green tank was extremely reliable and had driven me around town through all the traffic, freeways, and streets without any major problems whatsoever.  All these years, I never got a new car because, frankly, I didn’t want the montly payments.  Rather, I chose to spend my money on traveling, shoes and experiencing life.  Yet, at some point, you have to let go and move on.

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