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Daddy’s Girl

When I was a little girl, I thought my dad was one of the tallest and strongest men on the planet. To me, no man ever came close to the level of admiration and respect I have for my daddy. At least, not until Mr. ShuGar came into my life.

For women, I am a firm believer that the relationship you have with your father will profoundly influence the type of partner you choose to spend the rest of your life with. This can cut both ways; if you have a dysfunctional paternal relationship, your future may not bode well, but if you have a healthy relationship with your father, you can potentially be on the right path to finding a suitable partner.

Of course, these are sweeping generalities, but I do think there is some truth to this. Precisely for this reason, a woman’s relationship with her father is instrumental in her understanding of what a true “man” is. I can say that Mr. ShuGar embodies all the qualities of my daddy that I have always loved and admired. In essence, my daddy modeled to me the man I should marry. Without my daddy’s guidance, I probably would have never married Mr. ShuGar. For this, and so many other reasons, I am eternally grateful to daddy.

Sadly, I think that dad’s don’t get enough attention. After all, traditionally, they spend less time with their children because they are at work all day. However, a dad is the first person who shows you how to love the opposite sex. This is the greatest gift my daddy has ever given me – the gift of love and how to be loved.

My daddy is my inspiration. He superseded many odds to be an accomplished educator. He attended one of the best universities in the country with the additional challenge of only learning English a few years before his college years. He always sat down along side me to help me with my homework, even when I couldn’t master it. He would be there after a long day of work – encouraging me and teaching me.  I credit my daddy with giving me my Beatles education, which would later come in handy when I would meet Mr. ShuGar. These days, he is also our unofficial handyman and I appreciate all he has already done for our home. My daddy taught me the art of writing. He gave life to my words and, ultimately, to this blog.  He never abandoned us  — my sister, mother, and me; not physically, not financially, not emotionally. He was always there.

Now, in all honesty, my daddy and I have not had the easiest relationship. We both have very strong personalities; a little similar is what I have been told, which has caused a lot of clashing. Oh, those teenage years were the worst! My dad was strict, but always fair. Sometimes when I am at work, I still think of the discipline and perseverance my daddy taught me. It has paid off in my career.

Above all else, my daddy taught me what kind of man I deserve to love by showing me himself.  When I see daddy now standing next to Mr. ShuGar, he doesn’t appear to be the tallest man in the world anymore. In fact, Mr. ShuGar towers over him. But my daddy is still my first love.  I cherish him with every beat of my heart. I wish he could know how much of my heart belongs to him.  After all, you never forget your first love.

Daddy and Mr. ShuGar

Daddy and Mr. ShuGar

My heart melts when I see Mr. ShuGar and my daddy get along so well.  It’s every girl’s dream for her dad and her husband to be friends. My daddy loves Mr. ShuGar so much and vice versa; It’s in the air every time they spend time together. It’s the cutest thing I have ever seen! I’m so glad my daddy gets to have the son he always wanted.

I know my daddy will read this….and I am happy he will. In fact, he is the one person that always comments on what I write. He is my most avid reader! For this unwavering support, I don’t have the words to adequately express what this means to me. It’s beyond words.

My Daddy

My Daddy

Daddy – since I know you will read my blog and comment, I want you to know one thing: You are my hero. I am so lucky to be your daughter. My heart is filled with devotion for you. I have lived my life to make you proud. It is my greatest accomplishment. You need to know that I am still that little girl that liked to play on your feet and look up and think, “Daddy, you are the tallest and strongest man in the whole wide world.” I love you.

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