Flower Power


|1| Metallic Tip Patent Floral Flat  |2| Jersey Floral Skimmer Flat  |3| Flower Print Pants  |4| Happiness Flower Canvas  |5| Soft Flower Canvas

|6| Darkbloom Dress  |7| Pastel Dress  |8| Flower Tea Dress

I hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend!

I don’t know how many floral dresses I had growing up as a child, but I can guarantee I had a closet full. The ones I wore as a child were cute, but the ones I wore as a teenager seemed more cheesy than cute. Eeew..flower ruffles!

I credit summer for inspiring this dream of  flowers. I am looking forward to planting flowers in our yard to add some color to all the greenery. Lately, I’ve been going to the supermarket and looking for different bouquets to decorate our house. I currently have peonies in our living room thanks to a recommendation from a friend that said they are very economical at Trader Joes.

This summer I am loving the revamping of the cheesy floral fashion. Florals are very much in season literally and figuratively. I was inspired by these two floral canvases when I was searching through Pinterest. You can use florals as a statement piece with one of these sweet dresses/pants or you can embrace a touch of florals in your flats. Using a floral print is also great for your garden summer parties or during this wedding season time. Flowers in your fashion exemplify summer fun outside in this gorgeous weather. When I see any of these floral pieces, they just make me smile!

Happy Short Week!

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