Music to My Ears: Camera Obscura’s Careless Love

I consider myself a sort of maudlin individual. After all, I am definitely emotional and highly sentimental in many aspects of life. Mr. ShuGar can attest to that. This is probably why I fell in love the moment I heard Camera Obscura. This indie band from Scotland has a sad, yet heartfelt vibe to all their tunes. Their songs are enchanting because they lure you in with their melodic vocals and sweet sounds. Plus, I dig when bands have lead female vocalists; Tracyanne Campbell’s voice has a mix of tenderness and spunk that makes for a rad combo. They sing of love, hurt, hope, and, essentially, life.

Every chance I get, whether it’s when I’m cleaning dishes or getting ready for the day, I put Camera Obscura in the background.

It’s no coincidence that their latest album “Maudlin Career” (2009) has become music to my ears. One of my favorite tracks is “Careless Love.” The song tells of a broken love and the agony of knowing you gave your heart to someone who crushed it. Many of us have been there. When you love, you risk your heart. But, it’s this pain that makes you stronger and makes you appreciate true love when you find it.

I checked out their website and discovered they will be touring the States this year! Alas, they won’t be visiting LA, but I am sending this message out into the universe to ask the music gods to bring them to LA LA land. Their music touches my heart and I would give anything to experience it live.